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Are Wednesday’s Wasted?

Ever found yourself staring at the clock at the end of the day, waiting for it to turn to 3:35. The time is 3:33 and your feet are tapping rapidly waiting for the bell. Your teacher’s voice is droning on, but all you can hear is the sound of the clock ticking every second.

Well, now that only happens four out of the five days of the school week. Instead of the three in-service days throughout the whole year, every Wednesday school ends at 2:30. We did the math and it and when we add up all the hours you are missing on Wednesday, it is half a day less than the three in-service days so . . . WHOO HOO! More school.

So perhaps you have been wondering why the school made an early release day. According to Mr. Currey, this was created so that teachers have time to work and collaborate after school. We asked 7th grader Alexis about it and he said, “I find it very helpful because as soon as I get home I can work on my homework. But I would be very happy if Wednesday’s are off.” Keep hoping, Alexis.

Of course, there are some challenges to students with this change. There are no after school activities on Wednesday now, but there are some new sports training that students can join. Mr. Zigmand reports that there are 19 students signed up for Wednesday basketball training for example.

What do you think? Do you like the one-hour early release on Wednesdays, or the three days off throughout the year? Let us know in the comments below.

Sora contributed to this article.

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