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ASIAC Badminton

The teams walk into to the school’s gym. Everyone sees the nets lined up. All of the players take their positions on the opposite sides of the court. Then it starts. The small birdies fly in all directions, people running across the courts diving to keep the birdie from hitting the ground. Winning or loosing everyone try’s their best to earn as many points as they can before themselves or their opponent wins the game. The winners earning more points for their team smile happily, their adversary they will have to play better than they ever have if they need to beat the other teams. After two days of running, stress and competition, the players get ready for the award ceremony. They take their seats. They nervously waited for to find out how well they did over all. They think they did well, they hope they did well. And they did it! They won! All Of the players are barely containing themselves. They want to go to the hotel to call their parents and tell them the good news. The teams are happy and satisfied as they bask in the glory of the winners.

Please congratulate all those badminton players, they worked hard to to win.

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