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ASIAC Basketball and Swimming Preview

Updated: May 18, 2023

A special occasion awaits us at AES as we proudly wait to host the highly anticipated ASIAC swimming and basketball tournament next Saturday. With the participation of three esteemed American Schools, our very own tigers are preparing themselves for an exciting challenge. As we look back on this season which was full of perseverance and integrity, all teams will get their chance to demonstrate the effort they have put in so far. This event holds greater significance than previous years as it marks the return of ASIAC basketball and swimming tournaments since the start of COVID.

“Mr. Sheikhar (swimming coach): How are you feeling about the upcoming ASIAC event? I’m so excited but a little bit nervous since we are hosting ASIAC post-COVID, I think it’s gonna be great, and our swimmers are also excited, I’m happy that they are, and we are lucky that we are hosting.

Coach Zac (basketball coach): Super stoked about the upcoming ASIAC basketball event because as a Coach we get to see the boys play some great basketball, grow together as a team, make some good memories, and hopefully win some games. Overall this has been an EXCELLENT season. Thanks to Coach Thompson, Coach Sam, Coach Adam, Coach Mureithi, and Coach Andre. For me, the best part was definitely the first day of practice because I saw 50+ boys who showed up to learn and play basketball. Also along the way watching some of the boys develop their game in a short span of time is something we are really proud of. Almost all the boys who signed up for the basketball season were really good. It was a challenge for us coaches to select the final roster and I think that was one of the major struggles.

Salma (ASIAC swimmer): "I feel excited about the upcoming ASIAC event and all the players coming from India. This ASIAC season was very eventful I was able to have mini tournaments and have really tough training days. My favorite part from this ASIAC season was being able to balance training and having fun with my friends. The biggest struggle of this ASIAC season was the long warmups in swimming but it has taught me to be a stronger swimmer."

Abe (ASIAC swimmer): "I am super excited and a little nervous. So far the season has been pretty tiring but overall a great experience. The best part so far has been seeing the team slowly unite. One struggle has been having the team cut and knowing some of my friends will not be participating in the competition."

Jihong (Basketball player): "I am feeling very excited to see all the players play some basketball, and WIN THE TOURNAMENT! I think it's been a very good season and there are a lot of good players out there I am happy that a lot of my friends made the team. I think overall this season has gone very well and overall the practices everyone has improved a lot and I think that we have a pretty good chance of winning."

Make sure to visit the gym on Thursday after school, and Friday and Saturday all day to help support our very own tigers.


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