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ASIAC Dreams Drowned in Chennai’s Pool

The ASIAC Swimming tournament was an overall success with AES coming 2nd place after The Raptors. Sadly, it meant that AES did not get a clean sweep throughout this year which would be the first time in history. But that didn’t mean that the swimmers didn’t have a great time with lots of sportsmanship.

This year’s ASIAC swim team consisted of mainly 6th graders. Many of them are new to swimming and new to competing in a big tournament. It can be tough with so many people watching you to perform well under pressure. With many great 8th grade swimmers trying out for MESAC, they are not allowed to do ASIAC. However, AISC and ASB swimmers can do ASIAC even though they did SAISA.

SeungYoon from AES said, “Although we lost our ASIAC winning streak, we have nothing to blame. Every person in our team tried their best and I’m very proud as a captain.”

Photo credit: AISC Photographer

This year was the first time ASIAC introduced 400m freestyle. The 400 meter race is probably the toughest of all races. This is because it requires strength, a confident mental attitude and healthy knowledge of how to pace yourself.

Anoushka, the captain of the AES girls team said, “My favorite moment was beating my personal best. It’s a bit sad because it’s my last ASIAC, but I had a lot of fun.”

SeungChoel from Bombay unbelievably broke 5 ASIAC records. Unfortunately, two of these records were previously held by AES swimmers.

Photo credit: AISC Photographer

The AES boys won both the Medley relay and the freestyle relay, while the girls came second. The final event that happened in ASIAC was the relay with all the boys and all the girls combined which AES won comfortably.

AES came first in every sport except swimming. But it’s not about winning, it’s about representing the school and having fun. Being undefeated will come in the future.

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