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Asiac Soccer Travel

If you go around the middle school, many people are talking about Chennai. But why would so many people be discussing a city in Tamil Nadu? The reason for all the excitement is ASIAC soccer.

In October, 38 soccer players and 8 coaches will travel to Chennai, the first time a middle school sports team has traveled since March of 2020.

All the players are excited to go because it is the first time AES has traveled since March 2020.

Guy in grade 8 is a player on the team. He lit up as he talked about heading to South India for ASIAC, “I am so excited to be playing against other schools, especially since AES has not played other schools for a while and it will be a great experience.”

Understandably, there are some nerves about traveling to play in the ASIAC tournament. “I don’t know how we are going to do it because we don’t know how good the other teams are,” explained Adam from grade 7. “I am most excited about getting to visit Chennai and compete with other schools. I think I am going to do as well as I do in practice but maybe a bit nervous,” said Oakes, a 7th grader.

While some students are nervous, others, like Olive in grade 8, are very confident, “I am excited to travel. I think we are going to crush the other soccer teams.”

Some students have experienced a tournament because of last year's Friday Night Lights. “I have been in Friday Night Lights last year and it was fun and competitive,” said Adam, a 7th grader.

Olive, an 8th grader on the travel team said, “I have played in a tournament before; last year in soccer we did tournament-type soccer games with the boy's soccer teams.”

No matter how it goes, the teams would be wise to adopt the attitude of Clarice in 8th grade who says, “I am most excited about having a game with another school. I am gonna try my best to win the game.”

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