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ASIAC Volleyball Triumph!

The ASIAC volleyball teams took part in a special tournament in Chennai a few weeks ago, during which they competed in a variety of competitions. It was filled with passion, excitement, hard work and teamwork throughout the tournament. Here are some of the top quotes from ASIAC Volleyball 23-24.

"I have learned how important teamwork is, people can have skills individually but we all need to come together as one" - Leni

"I have learned that I need to go to sleep earlier to wake up earlier"- Josephine

"You have to stay confident and have fun, because if you don’t have fun then there’s no point in winning and losing" - Yumi

"You need to stay calm because the other teams can see when you’re frustrated” - Ella

“My favourite moment was when I got 5 aces in a row” - Oakes 

“I loved the whole tournament because every game we showed teamwork and spirit” - Mathis

“The lunch was crazy. It was so good”- Aariv 

The tournament was filled with surprises and records. AES boys got a record

with the least amount of points allowed in a set in ASIAC history - TWICE!!. The record is 25-5. 

Here are where each AES team finished:

Tigers girls- 5th

AES girls - 3rd 🥉

Tigers boys - 4th

AES boys- 1st 🏆

In summary, the tournament was a great occasion with lots of fun moments regardless of where any team placed. It had many experiences to learn and grow from as players and as teammates. Additionally, ASIAC is  an amazing opportunity to celebrate and show off your skills and hard work. Well done to all the volleyball and tennis players who supported each other and played their best.

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