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Assembly: Student Embarrassment?

As a new student, maybe it was my imagination, but today it seemed that the assembly was an embarrassment — the attention was not given to the teachers and the behaviour was unlike anything the middle school teachers have seen before.

Many people were having chats while the teachers were talking, and there were many occasions when a teacher had to ask a student to stop what they were doing.

It reached to one point that one of the teachers, Ms Henderson, had to stop the assembly to talk about the behaviour. I can only imagine what was going on in her head when she said, “I have seen many, many AES assemblies in the time I have been at AES, and I cannot remember one that showed this so little respect.” She then asked every student to think about their attitude and how they were showing respect or not showing respect to everyone in the assembly.

With this information in mind, maybe we as the students should change our behaviour in the assemblies and work more on how we should act and be more respectful. Thank you for reading this editorial on The Direct Message. Leave a comment below on what you thought about the assembly.

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