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Autism Acceptance Month

April was Autism Acceptance month! I’m here to tell you some basic facts to hopefully grow your knowledge! Keep in mind that Autism is a different ability, not a disability.

First, it is important to understand that autism comes in many different forms. Some traits include: inappropriate social interaction, learning disability or speech delay in a child, intense interest in a limited number of thing, speech disorder and sensitivity to sound. Because it’s different for each person, there are also different ways they deal with it. You know those little fidget ‘toys’ that everyone has and are playing with? Yeah, those were kind of meant as stimming outlets.

Stimming is like those satisfying videos you see of like something being sliced perfectly but they help them feel more calm. Another common stimmings include: listening to a tune, chewing on things (there’s a special medical necklace for that to protect the teeth) repeating words or phrases, pacing. Though there are many others and its differs from person to person. Though there are some dangerous stimming which should be discouraged like banging heads on walls or picking at skin.

Another important thing to know is that not all organizations that claim to support those with autism actually do. Autism Speaks (A$) is a controversial organization, as is the puzzle piece and the #lightitupblue (which was created by A$) use #redinstead. Autism Speaks is a controversial organization because they promote that Autism is a disease and desperately needs a cure. Light It Up Blue promotes the fact that only boys can get autism – this is false girls can too. The point is that it is important to do your research on what you support.

Finally, there is  a new character on Sesame Street named Julia who has Autsim and she’s so cool. Of course, she doesn’t represent everyone with autism, but I’m glad that she’s on the show.

I hope you all learned something new or got your facts straight and if I’m wrong feel free to correct me!

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