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Back Online Friday

Image by Mr. Currey CC-BY Students in a Zoom class during COVID.

Many students have wondered, “What are virtual days?” The simple answer is, they are exactly what they sound like. They are days when all members of the student body learn online.

Most students have already been on Zoom with other students and teachers. But what are they thinking about when they are on a zoom call? One middle school student said, “It's fun, because the teachers cant see what I'm doing.” Not everyone likes it though, as another student said, “I’d rather have a real day at school.” Another complained, “I hate both!”

Fortunately, most students do like school, like this person who said, “Well I really like school, and I can't really focus on the online call, so I don't really like Zoom calls and I'd rather a normal day at school”

Virtual School According to the Internet

When I looked up what was good about virtual school, this is what the search results came back with:

“It allows vulnerable students to build critical skills without being inhibited by their peers. Be it a virtual school for special needs or a regular K-12 online school, virtual classes facilitate learning. In addition, these are also better in terms of retaining information when compared with a traditional classroom.”

So remember to have fun with the Virtual Day. Good luck in your classes and remember, it’s only one day!

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