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Candidate Interview Profile: Nikolay Yadav

Amaya: What made you decide you wanted to become a candidate for the EC in the first place?

Nikolay: Before I came to AES, in 4,5, and 6th grade they had a position called elder of the class and since no one in my class wanted to be it so my teacher chose me to be the elder. I was it for three years in a row and I was responsible so that’s why I’m running for EC.

Amaya: In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good EC member?

Nikolay: Being responsible and attending the weekly meetings and also being trustworthy so you can reflect the voice of students accurately.

Amaya:  What differentiates you from the other candidates?

Nikolay: I think that I’m more creative but I can’t accurately answer that.

Amaya: What do you think the top priority of being in the EC is and why?

Nikolay: Being responsible for the fall fiesta and making it engaging to everyone. From people who like art or sports I want to make it engaging to the entire AES.

Amaya: Can you give an example of a time you showed a quality or multiple qualities that makes you fit to be in the EC?

Nikolay: I’ve been quite responsible and helped a lot of students in 8th grade. I 95% of the time bring my homework on time and I’m ready to help other students when they need help.

Amaya: What do you think the 8th graders will judge you on when voting? Why?

Nikolay: I think they will judge on how confident I will be as a speaker for when I’m presenting my speech. They will also judge on what I say and what the other candidates will say.

Amaya: What do you want the 8th graders to remember about you when they vote? Why?

Nikolay: I’ve been trying to help students a lot and I’m responsible.

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