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Candidate Interview Profile: Shaila Prasad

Menaha: What made you decide you wanted to become a candidate for the EC in the first place?

Shaila: I’ve been in AES for a long time and if I were chosen I’d really enjoy being able to help out the 9th grade and any problems they have. I’d feel like I’m a part of solving those problems and representing the 9th grade.

Menaha: In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good EC member?

Shaila: I think first of all Leadership because you’re representing the 9th grade. Trustworthy as well because if you’re an EC member you should be trusted by your 9th grade peers. Also being Responsible because if you’re a member of the EC and you’re not responsible it’s not a good view for all the others.

Menaha: What differentiates you from the other candidates?

Shaila: I’m friends with a lot of people in this grade and I feel like a lot of people trust me. I have the factor of people being able to approach me without being scared or nervous because I’m pretty welcoming. Along with that the other candidates are boys so that’s a big factor – I can communicate with both guys and girls the same without having any problems.

Menaha: What do you think the top priority of being in the EC is and why?

Shaila: I think being able to take other people’s advice. Just because you’re an EC member doesn’t mean you rule the grade – it’s just a voice to the administration which means that you take other people’s opinions into account without being disrespectful to them and appreciating that they’re trying to help and trying to make the 9th grade better. Being an EC member doesn’t mean it’s just you who’s doing everything; it’s the whole 9th grade as a community. 

Menaha: Can you give an example of a time you showed a quality or multiple qualities that makes you fit to be in the EC?

Shaila: I’m pretty trustworthy. One time I was talking to one of my closest friends who tells me a lot about herself that not a lot of people know, as well as a lot of other things people tell her even when she’s not supposed to tell me. Sometimes she says: “You know, I love having you as a friend because you’re really trustworthy but the annoying part about having a trustworthy friend is they don’t tell you anything back.” So the fact that she knows that other people have told me a lot but I don’t reveal them because I trust the the fact that they want to keep it a secret, even to one of my best friends.

Menaha: What do you think the 8th graders will judge you on when voting? Why?

Shaila: In my opinion Responsibility because if a 9th grader (currently in 8th grade) does approach me and says something that they want to be improved, you need to take the responsibility to actually have that done. Actually saying that there’s a problem and it needs to be fixed and telling the administration without keeping it as a side factor is pretty big.

Menaha: What do you want the 8th graders to remember about you when they vote? Why?

Shaila: I’ve tried to be really nice to everyone in my opinion. I hope they remember that I’m always really nice to everyone and that it doesn’t matter who’s talking to me – I’ll always be really respectful and kind and not judge whatever they’re talking about.

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