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Changes on MS

Many new things have been changed from last year. Also, some new things have been added to our school. These will be exciting and interesting.

Lunch: There has been a change in lunchtime. Last year, Every student was eating in our advisory, and we had to eat what they gave us, and we had to wait until 11:50 and 11:10 (on Wednesday. But this year, we can eat at HOP, Jalsa, Rock garden, outside, and MS cafeteria. And we get to choose when we eat and have a break. But, Jalsa and Hop are different. We have only 20 minutes to eat after lunch starts. I think it changed because the covid got better.

No mask outside: These days, we are allowed to put our masks off outside. Last year we had to put our masks everywhere except for drinking or eating something. But know, we can put our masks off outside of the buildings. For example, in Asiac soccer, we are allowed to put our masks off because we play outside and it gets boiling while we are playing soccer.

New ASA: There is a new ASA that is called Game development. These days, many students play Roblox. And Game development is a student-led club, and you can make a game in Roblox.

Travel (Asiac Mesac): This time, when we do Asiac, and Mesac soccer team gets to go to Chennai. We play soccer with the international school in Chennai. We will have 20 boys and 20 girls going to Chennai (soccer team).

New teachers: Many new teachers are coming from other schools or ES. We have 13 new teachers here. There is a new Mandarin teacher, an 8th-grade math teacher, a 7th-grade science teacher, and a 7th-grade P.E. teacher, Mr. Q, etc. They are great teachers. Also, there is a new counselor called Ms. Santiago. She is a grade 6 (A~L) and 8 counselor.

Other changes: Last year, we had 1234, 5678, 4321, and 8765, but this year, we have 1234, 3412, 5678, and 7856. Some students like it, and some students do not like it. Last year we had to do contact tracing every time we entered the class because of the covid. Now, the covid gotten better, and we don’t have to do it.

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