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Community Day Part 2

The first community day of this year started last Friday (the 22 of September ) and was a success.

People had fun with a lot of different activities like kickball, the amazing race, Nehru Park walk, and more.

One grade 7 student shared that her favorite activity was “kickball because I was with my friends.” Another student said, “My favorite part of the day was the whole grade running around campus”

One 6th grader said …

“We walked to Nehru Park and we played some games”

6th grade revealed

“The walk to Nehru Park was fine, but it was so hot”

In an interview with a student, they explained her responsibility during the 7th grade relay, “My job was to find 5 coins and then give them to the next person” (this was so hard)

Maybe you are wondering what is the whole grade running around campus.

So each student had a job like finding 5 coins and giving it to the next student

7th graders run all around campus

8th graders did an “amazing race “ and all around a world trivia game.

Lets hope there is another community day as great as this one.

image by Amit Shaal CC-BY. Students gather on the field for Fort Frenzy
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