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Cricket Pick-it Challenge (Week 5.8)

This is the final day of the Cricket Pick-it Challenge and we have two games for you to vote today! It’s the match between Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians. The game will be held in Delhi this evening at 4 PM and it’s the final game before the playoffs for both of the teams. Fifth place Mumbai has to win this game in order to make it into the playoffs and looking at their winning record, the might be able to make the playoffs. Will Mumbai take revenge against Delhi and make the playoffs? or will Delhi crush Mumbai’s hope of making the playoffs? Make sure to tune in at 4 PM (Indian Standard Time) and make sure to vote and add quality comments in order to win the DM cricket bat!

Match 54: Delhi Daredevils (DD) vs Mumbai Indians (MI)

Link to standings table 

Link to vote for mobile users

Vote below now!

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