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Current Events: Should gun control be implemented in the U.S?

17 killed in Parkland, 58 killed in Las Vegas, 10 killed in Oregon. Certain guns should be banned from being sold in the US. Although this may cause a massive uproar, it is a necessity, and preventing specific types of guns from being sold will help prevents these tragedies from taking place.

President Trump has addressed this issue, proposing that teachers should be armed in schools. It is doubtful that this proposal will decrease the amount of schools shootings that take place in the US. Adding more guns into schools instead of adding gun control is a mistake, and will make the students more vulnerable. Some of the President’s other ideas are more promising.

President Trump has supported raising the legal age to buy guns from 18 to 21. He also proposed having background checks when someone wants to purchase a gun. This is a positive step because it will make it harder for people with dangerous backgrounds to buy guns. ‘Reuters’ recently reported that President Trump also backs a ban on “bump stocks,” accessories that enable semi-automatic rifles to fire hundreds of rounds a minute. This too is a necessary change.

With all of these changes, it appears that the US is moving in the right direction. If they continue implementing these standards, then America will continue to become safer for students.

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