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Executive Council: Meet the Candidates

The Associated Student Council (ASC) is the student government organization at AES. ASC consists of two main components: the Executive Committee (EC) and the Class Council (CC). The EC has members from all grades in the high school and focuses on school policies and the annual Fall Fiesta; while Class Councils focus on their grade, events, dances, and spirit.

In a few weeks, the 8th grade (2018-19 freshmen) will have the opportunity to vote for the single 9th grade representative for the Executive Council of next year. Below you will find short statements from the eight candidates about why they have chosen to run for EC, and how they feel they’d be the best representative for you:

Keshav Saigal

Being here at AES for the last 9 years, I have come to understand and truly appreciate the view of my fellow peers. I believe I can connect with the high school and make a positive impact. For my classmates, I believe I can be an effective spokesperson, conveying their view to the administration. Additionally, multiple leadership experiences have taught me to work hard, listen, and respect the views of others, ensuring that I will make high school a fun and enriching experience for everyone.

Ayla Moon Dhar

I believe I would make an effective and well-rounded member of the high school Executive Council for my history, connectedness, and citizenship to the school. From growing up here, I have come to know the school inside-out from my longevity at AES, relevance to the school, academic confidence and social skills, and building relationships in the AES community. I believe these traits give me strong leadership qualities, and that I will serve as an effective member of the EC in the next school year.

Sora Shiraki

Middle School has given me many opportunities to become a leader such as leadership seminars and peer ambassador/facilitator. I am a person who can embrace the value of diversity from the bottom of my heart. Unfortunately, if we look at the news, we see there are many conflicts and confrontations among countries. Here in AES, there are students from as many as 56 countries. I want to make this school more united with all of you. With my experience and passion to become a great leader, I believe that I could serve you. Let’s unite and enjoy high school life!

Surya Raghav

Learning at AES for the past 7 years has allowed me to develop a strong relationship with each one of you. I understand and respect your valuable viewpoints and comments that can change the fall fiesta and the day of fun for the better. I have planned socials and weekly assemblies which give me a good experience to be an effective EC member. With my leadership skills and dedication to this committee, I will be able to represent all of you and make sure that your voice is not only heard but is also translated into action.

Ananya Balakrishnan

There are 105 people in our grade, and each and every one of them is a unique and remarkable person with a different viewpoint. As our grade’s EC, I will make sure to represent each of you to the best of my ability, because you deserve to have your voice heard. Over the seven years that I have been here, I feel as though I’ve been supported so much by the people around me and now it’s my turn to support you. My biggest priority after your well-being is the quality of my work, and if you elect me as a member of the Executive Council, I would make sure that’s translated into my duties. I’m hardworking and dedicated- not only to what I do, but to this school as well, and therefore I will be able to make sure that every decision I make as a member of the EC is executed in the best way possible.

Aarav Gambhir

I have loved AES since I was 5 years old, and I have come to realize that AES is my home. AES will always be important to me, and therefore it is my duty to play my part to the place that has shaped me to become the person I am today. Voting for me will give you a kind and hardworking person who is dedicated to making the school better, and making your experiences here even happier. Having an older sister in high school has given me a lot of exposure of what lies ahead for us, and I feel confident that I will be able to deliver in this role.

Arjun Dhar

Being a student at the American Embassy School for over 8 years has given me some perspective. Perspective on school life, events, and the AES community as a whole. My experiences as a student have shown me the difference between right and wrong, and have made me into a better, stronger, and inclusive member of AES community. I find so much joy and character in the diversity of our school, and I plan to represent my peers and their ideas with authority, confidence, and energy. I’ve learned to connect with people through sports and other activities, and I plan to voice their ideas to the Administration, so as a community we can share our ideas, and have our voices heard.

Sanghun Byun

Each one of you have the brightest spark of the light within yourselves. But not all of them shines as proudly and as beautifully to its full extent. Covered in what’s called timidness and rejection. As I become the Executive Council of this grade, I will help you uncover that spark, giving each and everyone of you a voice in the school administration. AES has sculptured me and made me who I am now. During my past 6 years in this school, I believe that I have educated myself of the needs and the wants of the students. And with that knowledge, it will be my honor to work to my full extent and achieve what’s best for you all, always setting your goals in front of mine.
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