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Executive Council: Meet the Candidates

The Associated Student Council (ASC) is the student government organization at AES. ASC consists of two main components: the Executive Committee (EC) and four Class Councils (CC). The EC has members from all grades in the high school and focuses on school policies and the annual Fall Fiesta, while Class Councils focus on their grade, events, dances, and spirit.

This week, the 8th grade (2017-18 freshmen) will have the opportunity to vote for the single 9th grade representative on the Executive Council for next school year. Below you will find short statements from the three candidates about why they have chosen to run for EC.

Check back on Wednesday afternoon for candidate profile interviews. You can leave a comment if there is something you would like each candidate to answer.


Akshay Manglani

I believe that I would be a valuable member of the executive council because I believe that I can step in another person’s shoes and really empathize for others. I want to try my leaderships skills in high school by helping and playing a major role in organizing school events such as fall fiesta. I really want to engage in starting new school events for sports, activities etc.(For example, a survey could be conducted to see what events students would like and a few events could be organized) One thing I plan to change in middle school that I really feel we should if elected (If permission from the school board, administration etc has been granted) Is to have all gender inclusive symbols on bathrooms. This would create a more safer environment for students and a restroom that could be used any person regardless of gender identity. Secondly, I will be a good candidate because I have the ability to listen to others and take feedback in order to have a better and safer school. I really believe this is a perfect opportunity to promote my leadership skills. Also I have had experience in being a leader, I have done the peer facilitator program twice, the peer ambassador program once, the school climate committee twice and many other committees throughout middle school. To conclude, I believe that I would be a valuable member to the Executive council in high school.


Shaila Prasad

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Over the past 10 years AES has given me so much, it is what built the foundation of who I am now and who I aspire to be. Throughout this year, while middle school has pushed my service, athletics, academics, and arts, it has given me the opportunity to work with everyone in my grade and really get to know each and every one of them. Personally building a relationship with each student, I believe, gives me the ability to accurately represent our grade to the administration and board and make sure all of our voices are being heard.


Nikolay Yadav

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

I would like to apply to be a nominee for the executive council for the following reasons. Firstly I think I am creative and not indifferent to what is happening in AES. Secondly, I will be a good voice to the board since I’m responsible and trustworthy and I will be able to pass on the ideas and voices of the students. Thirdly I am ready to commit to the duties of executive council, I’m willing to devote my time and effort to make a better atmosphere at events and in general in AES.

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