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Exit Interviews: Ms. Anderson

It is the end of the school year which means that we will soon have to say goodbye to a few of our favorite teachers. This year, 13 middle school teachers are leaving. Over the final weeks of school, The Direct Message will post an ‘Exit Interview’ that we conducted with each of these educators.

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Karlee Anderson

Years at AES: 2 years, 2020-2022

Next Stop: Private Practice

Courses Taught: MS Counselor

What will you miss most about AES?

I will miss all of the wonderful students that I work with!

What is the best part about being a teacher at AES?

I love the diversity of our student population and all of the unique cultural perspectives of students and faculty.

What are your plans for next year, and what are your thoughts about this next step?

Next year I will be working as a therapist in a private practice setting, supporting children, teens, and adults with mental health needs.

How do you hope your students and colleagues will remember you?

I hope that I am remembered as a safe and trusted adult that students and colleagues can come to when they need support.

What message would you like to leave for the community at AES?

Take care of yourself and your needs! Set boundaries with others, practice self-care, ask for help when you need it, and remember you are never alone (there are lots of great people who can provide support).


What students had to say.


Ken, Grade 8

What will you remember about this teacher?

Ms Anderson was to a lot of people a reliable supporting backbone and whenever I was in her room there was this feeling of culture in her. No one has left her office feeling worse than when they entered. It's absolutely magical. And her love for dogs is infinite even when she owned 2 dogs she feeds street dogs as well.

What is a funny or memorable story that you have about this teacher?

My favourite memory with her was during a zoom meeting she showed me her 2 dogs in her house and the dogs were messing around on her carpet.

What makes this teacher unique?

She cares about everyone's small discomforts, some problems are small and to other people it doesn't matter but to her she tries to help solve it.

Simon, Grade 8

What will you remember about this teacher?

She helps me do homework and helps me when I have problems.

What makes this teacher unique?

She is always there when I need her.

Arjit, Grade 7

What will you remember about this teacher?

My family problems and helped me a lot when my coding tutor died.

What is a funny or memorable story that you have about this teacher?

Once during Tuesday last year, we told each other fun facts.

What makes this teacher unique?

She can make anyone feel better with a talk and make people happy

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