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F1 - Bahrain Grand Prix

Updated: Apr 12

Welcome to F1 raceday with Vyom, where you can find the most important parts of the race, analysis of pace, and intense fights. In this first edition of Raceday, we will cover the Bahrain Grand Prix: highlights, pace and winners.


At the start of the race Max Verstappen had a good start, keeping his lead; so did Leclerc and Russel keeping the podium position the same. In the back of the grid Nico Hulkenberg collided with Lance Stroll sending them to last place. Leclerc’s lock ups in the Ferrari SF-24 caused Russell to overtake and move up to second place, but he dropped to 5th after Perez and his teammate Sainz overtook him. It seems his driving style is not built for the SF-24. Bottas had a 51 second pit because of a problem in the front left tire - his race was over. 

Pace and Winners

If you're new to F1, pace refers to how fast a car is going around a track, basically how fast you are. If you are faster than the car in front of you, you say, “I have better pace than him.”

The Red Bulls were still the car to beat with Max Verstappen coming in first, and Sergio Perez coming in second. Ferrari also competed coming in third and fourth, while Mercedes had a blunder of a race, coming fifth and seventh. For a team like Mercedes, this is not great. Mclaren continued to improve from last year - in the end they have the drivers with the most potential on the grid. They are close to beating some of the top teams, and finally get into the game.

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Interesante. Vyom, yo estuve en el GP de Bahrain en 2008, ¡cuando tú tenías dos años! 😉

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