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Fall Fiesta Reborn This Year

Next week, AES will celebrate Fall Fiesta. On Saturday, October 23rd, after two long years, the biggest student-run event of the year will be back.

What is Fall Fiesta?

Fall Fiesta is an AES Halloween carnival that is celebrated every year where students and families eat great food, show off costumes, and play games. According to Ananya, one of the student leaders of the event, “Fall Fiesta is an opportunity to be around your peers in a low-stress, high-fun environment.”

As we are still in COVID times, there will be new changes to Fall Fiesta, such as wearing masks and social distancing. Since October 4th, only vaccinated adults can be on campus.

Another change to Fall Fiesta is that there will be time slots for attending. Each time slot is an hour or two. The time slots are designated for each school division - ES, MS, and HS - so that students get to enjoy their peers.

Some things will stay the same. One continued tradition is dressing up in your Halloween gear. Wearing costumes is not required, but it is strongly encouraged and it is one of the things that makes this event so exciting.

Inktober Drawing Day 5: Raven Drawing by Woojin CC-BY

Why should you go to Fall Fiesta?

Sanjeev, one of the Executive Committee members of Fall Fiesta said, “Students have a lot of input in such a large activity for the entire school for the whole school community. It’s not planned much by adults because if it were, then there wouldn’t be so much excitement in the activities.”

Anaya added, “You are doing a lot of good for the community by attending Fall Fiesta. You are giving back to the school by coming because that is where we get most of our funding for the high school clubs.”

Participating in Fall Fiesta is a great way to have fun with your peers and have them in a unique environment. It’s an excellent chance to make memories with other students and friends.

Where can I buy/register the tickets for Fall Fiesta?

Tickets will be sold on campus near gate two and gate five before and after-school in the next week. Get your tickets early so you can get a good time slot.

(Fall Fiesta will be located in Tiger Turf)

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