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Final Message from the TDM Team!

With the year coming to a close, the Media Publications class has a few words to say about their experience in this semester.


Karanjot Kohli

Wow, it’s already the end of the year! The TDM really got me talking about my opinions that were tough to communicate. It felt refreshing to publish my article about the Nintendo Switch’s superiority. I felt challenged by other peoples’ opinions in my article. I just want to say I will miss writing in the TDM. However, in High school, I can’t wait to write in the ROAR.


Vyom Anand

The TDM was really fun, after going through all the rotations and jobs, I enjoyed the slides most. This was because it gave me full control and I can add things that I wish I could see. I hope the TDM continues to grow and reach more of AES since it is a great way for students to express their feelings and show them to the school in a cool way.


Emmanuel (Manu) Choudhury

I think that being in TDM is a really unique experience, so that means that I will miss a lot in High School. I think that it has really helped me to prepare for high school in the sense that it comes with a lot of independence and responsibility and I think that I will need those skills in High School. It is such a pleasure and an opportunity to be able to share my thoughts and opinions with this platform as a tool. I will I think that being in TDM is a really unique experience, so that means that I will miss a lot in High School. I think that it has really helped me to prepare for high school in the sense that it comes with a lot of independence and responsibility and I think that I will need those skills in High School. It is such a pleasure and an opportunity to be able to share my thoughts and opinions with this platform as a tool. I will really miss everyone, Thank you! miss everyone, Thank you!


Devansh (Dev) Das

Being part of the TDM team has made me see the school from a different perspective. When I first joined the DM team, I didn’t know what it meant for students to have a voice to express opinions, publish articles, film videos, etc. As I near the end of my stay, I realized how powerful it is, and once I published my first article and looked at other people's articles, I notice how one article can strike up conversations, make people express their opinions, etc.


Vivaan Desikan

Even though I have only worked with the DM team for one semester. It really taught me a lot about delivering on time and managing my time well. It is a great class for time management and creativity. It is a wonderful class to be in for essential skills and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get better at these skills. My first article was about the English Premier League. I felt very good posting it because I was very passionate about the topic. It is not a very difficult class except for having to deliver your articles timely. Overall, I am very happy I was on the DM team this semester and I shall remember it always.


Adam Farrell

When I first arrived in Media Publications I didn’t really know what to expect but after a semester of writing articles, it has really left an impact on me and will always have a special place in my heart. Working on the DM has been a bit of a learning experience as I learned how much of a voice we actually have in this school. I always felt pretty overwhelmed with the amount of topics that I could cover and how exciting all these topics were with new ones appearing every day. My very first article was about how King Charles was diagnosed with cancer and it felt good to finish the article and to check in on it every day and see as people viewed it and liked it which made me feel proud of what I’d done.


Rohann (RJ) Gupte

TDM taught me that one of the most important things about schools is meeting deadlines so you don’t have to stress about assignments during your free time. It gave me practice for when deadlines are going to be a more common practice in high school next year. Publishing my first article which was a Game Review, felt very accomplished but also taught me a few things about how I would write articles in the future. Never make an article too long, and you don’t have to already know all about a topic. Sometimes it’s better to know less because then you are like the audience that you are writing for. One thing I learned that was very challenging in journalism is that getting ideas for an article is harder than writing the article itself. Articles that I knew more about the subject I had an easier time writing, but most of the time I struggled to find ideas and research my subjects.


Seojun Kim

It was truly fascinating to be on the TDM team and write articles. Publishing my first article was very proud, it was about some kind of lithium substance. I was challenged when I wrote my article for our magazine because I got in a lot of trouble with connecting the information to make it have sense.


Taemin Kim

Being on the DM team was amazing; I learned there are lots of students that work inside of the school, such as TV or New in 90. After I published my first article, it was about International Day, I was so proud of myself that I made the article. The biggest challenge for me was choosing a subject that I would write about. Thinking of a topic was the biggest challenge I had and I was able to manage it by brainstorming topics that I liked and I was interested in.


Vivaan Sagar

Being a DM team Member was an amazing experience I will not forget. Working on articles about things that I enjoy and others could too, which would benefit others as they have more knowledge on that topic. At the end of the semester, we make a TDM IRL magazine that includes articles from every student in the DM team! By far my favorite group was News in 90 as it was an amazing experience.


Tom Shaal

After being a part of the DM for the past semester I can clearly say that this has become one of my favorite classes. Writing about things that people that I hang out with every day care about is a really satisfying task. One of the best feelings for me was when I finished writing my first article and one of my friends came up to me during break and said that he read the article and that he really liked it, that was when I knew that I was going to make this article a series (Out of Bounce). After finishing my second I felt like it was the best article, I didn’t have any ideas what to write my next article about. It was also a stressful time for me because I had a lot of big projects to complete, in the end, I decided to write about another person who was having a stressful time, Bronny James, the son of Lebron James was falling down the mock draft in the NBA while I did not have problems in that scale it was reliving to see that other people also go through tough times in school.


Sumer Sidhu

My experience in the TDM team taught me about myself and my working habits. There are many things that I noticed about my behaviors in class that I didn’t know about myself. This class has been one of my favorite classes of the semester because of the freedom it offers and the independence you get from this class. But it comes with responsibility because it can be hard for me to work by myself.


Ryotaro Stainer

Being in the DM team is something that was new to me and it was a different experience. It helped me think about things that I thought people in school needed to know about. The First article I published was Japan Moon Landing and it felt really interesting and new. I was challenged a lot when I was working on an article and that was because I am not good with due dates.


Hyunseong Yoon

First of all, it was a great pleasure to be on the DM team. Before joining Media Publications, I wasn't confident in my writing skills and was worried if I was going to be able to write good-quality articles. As I had imagined, It was challenging initially, and I remember having to spend additional time outside of class to publish my first article. However, I was able to grow both as a writer and a student throughout the semester. I got the chance to write about what I'm passionate about, and I truly enjoyed doing that.


Fatma Al Sheibani

I think being part of TDM has made me realize so many things about myself and the school. I remember posting my first article and feeling so proud of all the research and writing I’ve done. There’s so much freedom in choosing what you want to write about and actually being able to follow through, interview people, and gather information is a key part. I think I’ve gained so many skills and learned so much about journalism etiquette.


David Baig

Being a part of the DM team was a new experience. I got to know how things in schools were made such as the slides on the TV that give information about the school. The articles and work we did improved my writing and made me more creative. At the start of the semester , everyone was asked to write an article with a due date, it was really challenging to think of a topic I was going to write about. Also after writing the article thinking of how other people will think about my writing. Will they like it? Would they find it interesting? This was the biggest problem that I had to go over. Once I wrote my article writing in class was easy.


Aya Ben-Oz

This class wasn’t what I thought it would be at the start; it was so much better. When I started this class, I didn’t know anything about it, and when I realized this is the class where the DM team makes amazing magazines I got excited because the magazine was the best part of it. I really enjoyed this class, the TDM website, the magazine, the articles, and of course the people and Mr. Currey. This class changed my perspective on responsibilities, it was hard. I liked writing my articles and researching about them.


Mishika Garg

When I first started this class, I was scared because of the amount of work that would go into everything and also the fact that I was one of the few 7th graders and one of the few girls in the class. I had never really done anything like this. I mean I write articles on my own and publish them so I was excited about that part but I had never really shared them with anyone before. The collaborative projects were really hard but fun. Honestly, this elective wasn’t my first choice and I didn’t really want to be here but this was probably the best elective I signed up for, and being a part of the DM team was really worth it. The best part of this was designing the TDMIRL magazine because I’ve always wanted to design something so big and in the end it looked so amazing. I hope that the future DM team is passionate and motivated in this class all year.


Adi Shah

Being a part of the TDM team has taught me so much about media in general. It has also helped me become a better learner. It has helped me finish my work on time and help me develop my learning habits successfully. One of the best feelings is publishing an article and having everyone talk about it. That has recently happened for one of my volleyball articles. It creates a new energy in the community. It connects people together. I believe that's what the TDM is all about, connecting everyone with our school news. When I posted my first article, which was a human of middle school, I felt scared. I did not know what people would think about it. I always felt worried about how people would perceive my article. But it was the exact opposite as people were laughing and talking about it. I made it as though I had created a good article. As time went by I loved creating articles and expressing my thoughts. That is what I will forever miss about TDM. I hope it continues in the future. One time I felt challenged by journalism was keeping up with the demands of the articles. Even though it was challenging it has helped me become a better learner. Thank you, Mr.Currey, for continuously supporting us even though we didn't meet the demands, and thank you too, you guys, for the support. BYE!


And that's it!

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