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First Friday Night Lights of 2022!

As you might already know, the first Friday Night Lights of 2022 happened last week. Friday Night Lights is an event where players from MESAC showcase their progress at the end of the season. It features multiple sports - season two was basketball, soccer and tennis. BBQ meals were available throughout the whole event. One really cool thing about Friday Night Lights is that you could choose to watch any game you wanted.

To see what the AES students thought of Friday Night Lights, I interviewed my friend. Unhyun, a 7th grader, said he came to Friday Night Lights to have fun with his friends. As a sports player, he likes to watch live sports and cheer for teams. He said, “I figured out about Friday Night Lights because of my coach and my friends. I came to watch my brother play soccer.”

Due to the pandemic, athletes weren’t allowed to travel and compete with other schools. When asked about Friday Night Lights, Jaeha, a varsity basketball team member, said, “Of course, I’m disappointed that we couldn’t travel to other schools, but I’m still glad we got an opportunity to play against other teams. I’m sure a lot of my friends would think the same.”

If you enjoyed coming to the Holi and International Food Fair, you should consider Don’t be worried if you missed out! Just make sure to keep your eyes open for any updates about the next Friday Night Lights.

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