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Food fair

Saturday was the food fair, food from all over the world was sold on the middle school field. There was so much food everywhere. There were Norwegian waffles that were covered in strawberry sauce and brown cheese. Don’t judge it by its name because they were so delicious! There were Korean honey fried chicken that was, obviously, from Korea, tasted spicy and sweet.

Close to the food fair was the Crafts area. Not only did it have crafts, it had games as well. One of the most popular games was a balloon game where you would try to shoot the balloon with a small pellet.

Near the entrance was a table full of baskets, each was filled with food, travel guides, wine, etc. There was one for each country at the fair. Many people wanted the baskets from America and Japan. Some middle schoolers won some of of the prizes. Congratulations to those who won! Comment down below if you won a basket.

Those who came had a wonderful time and I am sure they are excited for next year.

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