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Fort Frenzy Delayed Due To Stormy Weather

Students line up in forts before the 2021 Fort Frenzy. Image by middleschoolaes on Instagram CC-BY

Most middle schoolers didn’t hesitate to get out of bed last Friday. Everyone was excited for a special day — shortened classes, the weekend just a day away, and of course, Fort Frenzy.

Bags were frantically packed the night before, stuffed with bathing suits, extra masks, and for some reason, a hat; everyone was anticipating the Fort Frenzy activities. But as students began to arrive at school and open the student bulletin, they were met with a shock:

Sadly, we have decided to move Fort Frenzy to next week because the weather is forecasting storms this afternoon.

Today will NOT be a special schedule - just a normal Friday!

  • The MS Student Bulletin

Many kids were upset. In the words of a wise seventh-grader, “What a tragedy.”

In minutes, everyone's excitement turned into sadness, and the fun became frustration.

But as disappointed as students were, no one was more upset than Ms. Mac with the delay of Fort Frenzy. The planning process of Fort Frenzy, aligned with everything else that goes into planning the start of school, would usually take around a month.

The process is long and takes much planning. The MS team carefully picks a date that will help support everyone - students and teachers. Reminders and lists are sent out. AQI and weather reports are carefully studied. Covid protocols are held in place. Teachers have to train a day before.

It is a process of great care.

“Fort frenzy is a time of collaboration, teamwork, and [developing] leadership skills,” Ms. Mac told us in her office last Friday. “Delaying Fort Frenzy was a tough decision to make. If it were raining, the activities would probably [still] happen. But being a thunderstorm, it was unsafe.”

Ms. Mac hopes that this week, students will remember to bring their Fort shirts and the supplies as listed in the student bulletin, as some did not this week. Hopefully, students wearing their Fort shirts will remind people to bring them next week.

While some students were sad that Fort Frenzy was postponed, others were slightly grateful since they forgot things such as their Fort shirts or a change of clothes.

So this Friday will be the second attempt at Fort Frenzy. Hopefully, students will remember to bring their Fort Frenzy gear. And hopefully, the weather will cooperate this week.

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