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Fort Frenzy, Round B

Fort Frenzy for Group B happened Wednesday, March 10th and it was a blast! The games were challenging yet rewarding, covering a multitude of skills and abilities, from icy toes to relay races to cup stacking! Peela, Neela, Hara, and Laal gave it their all in these cutthroat challenges.

My team (Peela 4) was fantastic, winning five out of seven games. We also got to talk to people we wouldn’t have otherwise. We had a great time!

These games got brutal, a split second could end in a loss, and one question could make you lose the scavenger hunt (no I’m not bitter)

People were going savage over points, working together and fighting like there was no tomorrow! Students got to talk and develop a team and a friendship over the day, so in that regard, it was a success.

But who won the games? First I'll explain what they were.

The Games

  • Capture the flag

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Shooting hoops

  • Heads up

  • Icy toes

  • Relay Rubin cubes

  • Cup stacking

These were great! Some were better than others, so here’s my top 3.

  1. Capture the flag

  2. Icy toes

  3. Relay Rubix cubes

What was your favourite? Comment to let us know!

Now for the moment, you’ve all been waiting for!


Here are the results of this Wednesday's Fort Frenzy!

4th Place - Peela

3rd Place - Hara

2nd Place - Laal

Winner - Neela

Great job everyone! Good job Neela! Good job everyone else! Just know despite the loss Peela could still be high ranking and a force to be reckoned with!

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