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Friday Night Light is coming soon

Image by AES athletics

Friday Night Lights is coming soon. This event is for all of the season one sports: ASIAC Soccer, MESAC Volleyball, MESAC Academic Games, MESAC Golf, and MESAC Swimming.

You might be asking, why should I come to Friday Night Lights? You should come because you can cheer for your friends and family. Not only that but there will be lots of food and enjoyment. This is not just a way to have a better connection to your friends and family but with all of AES!

Maybe you are wondering why we even have Friday Night Lights and what is the definition of it, well according to WFTV ``​​The giant floodlights high above the field that make the high school football game a bright spot in any town as the weekend gets rolling.”. Apparently Friday Night Lights started in AES in 2011 in America.

So be sure to bring a water bottle, and a cap, and bring with you your loudest cheer for this upcoming event.

Main Gym

  • Girls Varsity Volleyball 4:00pm

  • Golf Demonstration 5:10pm

  • Boys Varsity Volleyball 5:30pm

Auxy Gym

  • Girls JV Volleyball 4:00pm

  • Boys JV Volleyball 5:30pm


  • Varsity and JV Swim Meet 4:00pm

  • Swim senior recognition 4:15pm

  • Swim warm up 4:00pm

Tiger Turf

  • ASIAC Soccer Boys and Girls 4:00 pm

  • ASIAC Soccer Boys and Girls 5:00 pm

Middle School Field

  • ASIAC Soccer Boys and Girls 4:00 pm

  • ASIAC Soccer Boys and Girls 5:00 pm


  • Academic games 4:00pm

4 square area

  • Taekwondo demonstration 4:15pm

  • BBQ 4:30pm

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