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Friday Night Lights: Can someone help me?

Friday Night Lights was held on- you guessed it: Friday. While you may be that smart to figure that out, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. After all, it was the first time I had been to Friday Night Lights. As those of you who already know me, I am generally known to be clueless. No kidding, ask any of my friends. I can imagine you might know how crazy this article can be by now. But by all means, you don’t have to read it.

To begin with, I was playing with the JV Softball team. But thanks to the fact that I had to write this post for all of you guys, I had to take photos of all day. See, so much effort needs to be put in to get this post out to you people.

But on this journey of struggle, my friend Bella was always with me (Thanks Bella for keeping up with me). We went to see the badminton team warming up. I was really disappointed to know that only two 8th graders were going to be playing. One was my brother, and the other was Varun Seshadri. Good Job you guys! We didn’t have to spend much time there, I mean no offense.

I also saw the basketball tournament and OMG!!!, the skill levels of the athletes was just so high. I can’t even dribble properly, and those athletes were taking such difficult shots. Man, you guys must have worked your butts off. Playing basketball doesn’t only require shooting skills, but also stamina and patience. You will not always get it right, you have to be patient. Thanks players for reminding me how for off the chart I am.

After that, I went to the tiger turf. I was shocked to see their was a food stall there. I didn’t know Friday Night Lights had a separate eating area. Bella just looked at me like I was totally nuts, but you guys know that I’m not. Don’t you?

Besides the tacos in a bag, the Track Team was doing pretty good. Because they were so big in number, they had to compete with themselves. You see, there are some people on the Track Team who I’m super jealous of. They are totally fit, and know exactly what is happening. One of them is my friend, Emelie Granelli-

“This is my 3rd Friday Night Lights. I have been here for Volleyball, Soccer, and now Track.” -Emelie Granelli, Member of the JV Track Team

Okay. Let’s get this straight. Emelie, you are a great person- but 3 seasons. You got selected for 3 MESAC teams, and you also played ASIAC! How many sports do you play? Gosh.

The rest of the time we spent cheering the Track team and drooling over the hot guys. Don’t you guys ever do that?

By the time our game came, I was pretty tired. But that was fine. Since I wasn’t travelling, I didn’t get a chance to play except in the Warm Up. Let’s not even start about why I can’t travel…

However, no one got to play a lot. Because guess what- the other team came half an hour late. How can someone come half an hour late in an hour long match! Now stop giving excuses about traffic. Delhi has traffic everyday. But by the end of the match I was so happy they came late. Dude, they crushed us like anything. You may be wondering what happened to my sportsmanship, but come on, no one likes it.

That was basically my whole day. The whole time I felt lost, fuzzy, jealous, angry, sorry, compassion, and what not. Hopefully next year I will know what is going on in Friday Night Lights, and no one will have to become like Bella.

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