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How Do Teachers Feel About Coming Back To School

Mr. Fumi sits at his computer getting ready for class. He would much rather teach in person. Image by John CC-BY

The ISA argumentative writing test happened last Friday, Feb 11. The question that we had to write about was: What do we like better: being on Zoom or campus? While many students had different opinions, one thing is clear: teachers prefer being on campus.

Mr. Fumi, the 8th-grade math teacher, is excited to be back on campus. He said, “When I came here during online learning it felt empty and quiet, sad.” Other teachers like Mrs. Strever, who is teaching photography, found Zoom to be challenging. “Since I teach photography it is hard to zoom.”

Other teachers had to approach teaching on Zoom in a different way like Ms. Ahuja. She is teaching middle school robotics and when she tried to do things that we usually do on campus like designing, it didn’t work as well online. So she had to adjust her plans.

The teachers do understand that there are risks involved with returning to campus. “It has been a little bit nerves because COVID,” said Mrs. Strever, “but it’s great having the students back on campus.” Mr. Currey said, “I really appreciate how the school approached it. I feel like school is taking some good risks.”

When we asked teachers what they liked about being on Zoom, they all had to pause and think for a while. After what seemed like minutes, they finally gave us an answer, but probably just because they felt they needed to. Their answers were really different from each other. Some t

eachers said that it is easier for students to meet with the teachers. Others said they don’t like Zoom at all and wouldn’t want to go back to that, even though it’s easier. And some had more specific answers for their classes like Mrs. Strever, who said she likes that her students can use photoshop and share the screen with her.

But when we asked all the teachers where they think students learn better - Zoom or campus - they all said campus is best because being face to face with students allows for quicker and better feedback.

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