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How to backup your data-quick and easy

iPads and chargers will be checked in on Friday May 26th(Grades 6 and 7) and Monday May 29th and Tuesday May 30th(Grade 8). As always, please visit the tech lab(M308) or email Ms. Cullen ( if you have any questions.

The end of the year is coming, and you know what that means… You have to say goodbye to your iPads for the summer. You have to erase all the photos from your iPad, but how can you export them to your phone or your PC? In this post, I will be talking about how to backup/export your photos, videos, notes, bookmarks and other data from your iPad, so that all your precious data won’t get lost. With this post, you won’t have to worry on the day of returning the iPads about your data. Great isn’t it?

First, I will talk about how to move the pictures/videos from your iPad straight to your phone. You don’t have to go through the boring procedure of moving the picture from your iPad, to the PC, and then to your phone. This not only takes a long time but also has the danger of losing some photos in the long procedure. However, with the method I will present to you shortly, you won’t have to worry about any of this.

So the first step of moving your photos straight to your phone is to download an app called “Zapya” on both the iPad and your phone. Zapya allows you to share your pictures straight to another device without any logins or registrations!

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

After a short introduction, you can see your gallery pop up in the app. You can go in your gallery and select the photos you want to move to your phone. Conveniently, you can choose the “select all” button which will allow you to move a thousand or so photos without clicking on them one by one.

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

Once you have chosen the photos, you can click on the blue button at the bottom of the screen. It takes you to a radar which searches for other electronics currently on Zapya. For you to share to your phone, you need to turn zapya on your phone as well. Then, your phone will pop up on the radar on your iPad. Unsure which one your phone is? You can usually find out with the username, but if you’re still unsure, Zapya has a buzz feature which buzzes your phone from your iPad. If your phone buzzes, you can be sure.

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

Then, all you have to do is to click on your phone icon, and move it! It actually takes much less time than copying your photos to the PC. The images moved are high quality, and you can be sure that nothing will be lost in the middle(unless you touch the cancel button or something). Great, isn’t it?

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

Another way to backup your photos is to use Google Drive. This is convenient in a way that you can access your photos in nearly any device, even though it takes some time to upload all of them and have to download them again in your other device.

This is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to your drive and create a new folder. However, be aware, if you are going to be leaving AES, then you should probably use your private account. Your AES account (21,22 or 23 + your name) will be deactivated after December 31, 2017.

After you have created a folder, you have to go to your gallery and select the photos you wish to upload, and then select the box with an arrow where you can then upload to google drive. It’s a pretty easy procedure, but it takes some time to load.

The third method you can use to backup your photos is moving the pictures from your iPad to a PC with a USB cable. Connect one side to the iPad and one side to your PC. As soon as you connect it there will be a pop up on your iPad asking for access for the computer. If you click allow, then you can open the gallery on your PC. It depends on your PC. Some computers will have a “move” feature that will just let you select pictures and move them straight away. Others, you may have to command+C and command+V to copy and paste the pictures from the iPad folder to a folder on your PC. It’s a pretty self-explanatory procedure, since once you connect your iPad it will basically show you the steps.

How to back up other things

Especially if you are 8th grader or going to be leaving AES, you want to know how to backup other information as well, such as notes and safari bookmarks, right? I have been wondering that myself, and unfortunately for android users, there is no way to export them(unless you send each of your notes). Apple users, you are lucky for having a feature called iCloud.

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

What you have to do is go to settings and go to iCloud. Here you can sync safari, notes, reminders and many other apps. And once you log in with your account, you will be able to see all your data.

Backup Google Drive

For 8th graders, we all worked hard on our POP papers. You would probably want to keep them somewhere. However, if you are leaving and your account is going to be deactivated, what do you do with all the documents and files in your Google Drive?

You can use Google takeout for this. Google takeout lets you export your files in google drive as a zip file so you can download them in another device.

When you go to google takeout, you sign in as your account and you can select the apps you want to export. I only wanted to export drive and gmail, so I selected those.

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

Then, you click on “next” and it will export the files. This may take some time depending on the size of your files.

Photo credit: JinYoung Jung

After this step, you will see a download button. You can sign in from another device and download it on that device.

For a more detailed tutorial on Google takeout, check out this video.

Also, for more details on what to do before turning in your iPads, make sure to keep checking your email and the SWAG.

To conclude, these are some ways to backup your data from your iPad. Make sure to backup data in advance so that you don’t have to worry.

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