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Humans of Middle School: Amaira

"Once in 3rd grade, I was on a field trip with like the whole grade, and I was listening to my teacher talk. So then I saw someone looking at me, and it was this nerdy kid just literally staring at me dead on. I didn't think much of it at the time, so I just went back to listening to my teacher, you know, because that's like what any smart person would do, and I'm like the smartest. Anyway, so after my teacher is done yapping, the kid comes up to me and literally puts his hand on my head, MY HEAD, in front of all my friends, and I'm like, "eeeerm, what do think you're doing," and he stars me dead in my eyes and says "I've never seen such a beautiful skull" and then he turns around and leaves. It was one of the goofiest times I have had, and I like never talked to that boy again, or more like he never talked to me. Hehe."

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