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Humans Of Middle School: RJ

Updated: May 27

Photo by Samrath CC-BY

So this one day I just got my brand new iPhone. I did not have Find My iPhone on it. The ringer was off and I lost it, right? So I started panicking. So I checked my room, like I checked all over my room and I couldn't find it. So then I started checking all over the house. I checked in the kitchen, I checked in the living room, basically like everywhere. Tried calling it but the ringer was off, so it didn't work. But then I remembered, ‘Whenever you've lost something, look where you first looked for it, but just try not to be as panicked, and you'll always find it.’ And that's just from personal experience. So I went back to my room and very slowly started just opening drawers, not panicking just looking for it. And eventually, under my pillow, I found my phone. Just remember whenever you've lost something and you're just panicking, just try looking in places you've already looked but just don't be panicked because 90% of the time, you'll always find what you're looking for”.

RJ, Grade 8

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This is good advice!

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