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If Your iPad's Battery Runs Out Quickly, Click Here!

Image by Mr. Currey CC-BY

While you use your iPad, you might experience once that iPad’s battery runs out quickly. You fully charged your iPad but when you turn it on, it has already lost its battery. You might wonder why your iPad loses its battery quickly.

Sam (Dongha) who uses iPad at AES said, “I really wonder why my iPad’s battery runs out quickly. Last night, I fully charged my iPad for tomorrow but when I use my iPad, it loses its battery really quickly.” Like Sam, many people experienced this situation.

Sam guessed the reasons why his iPad’s battery runs out easily. He said, “I think the reason that my iPad’s battery runs out

quickly is because the previous owner used my iPad before I used it. Which means, this iPad has been used for a long time. And I also set the iPad's brightness very high. It could be one of the reasons.”

The reasons that iPad batteries run out quickly is because some apps or some services are still running even though your iPad is turned off. Eventually, the iPad’s battery will get low. Adding on, some apps need a lot of battery. When you use an app on the iPad which requires a lot of battery, your iPad loses its battery quickly. According to Techengage, the apps which eat a lot of battery are Snapchat, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook etc.

Furthermore, the iPad has too many notifications, having too many notifications will constantly use the battery so try turning off the notifications of the apps that are irrelevant to you.

Power Up Your Battery Life

There is a way to keep your iPad's battery from getting low which is not using fast chargers if you are not too busy. Second, low brightness and a simple background helps iPad keep the battery. As Sam guessed before, high brightness can make the iPad battery lose quickly. Sophisticated background also makes the iPad’a battery lose easily.

Third, turn off some functions that you don’t use. Some functions are still working when you turn off the iPad. Lastly, turn off notifications. If you don’t need to see the notifications on the iPad, it is better to turn off the notifications. Too many notifications make the iPad’a battery lose quickly.

The best thing is using your device as little as you can. Turn off your device and find something that looks interesting and try that. Save the iPad's battery and recharge your body’s battery.

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