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Important Days of May

May 1st- May Day, Loyalty Day

May 2nd- Baby Day, Brothers and Sisters Day

May 3rd- Garden Meditation Day, Lumpy Rug Day

May 4th- Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you), Bird Day

May 5th- Cinco de Mayo, Space Day, Oyster Day

May 6th- Beverage Day, Free Comic Book Day, National Tourist Appreciation Day, National Nurses Day, No Diet Day

May 7th- National Tourism Day, World Laughter Day

May 8th- Iris day, No Socks Day, World Red Cross Day

May 9th- National Teachers Day!

May 10th- Clean Up your Room Day, National Receptionist Day, School Nurses Day 

May 11th- Eat What You Want Day

May 12th- Fatigue Syndrome Day, Military Spouses Day

May 13th- Birth Mother’s Day, Blame Someone Else Day, Leprechaun Day

May 14th- Mother’s Day, Dance like a Chicken Day

May 15th- National Chocolate Chips Day, Police Officers Memorial Day

May 16th- Love a Tree Day, National Sea Monkey Day, Wear Purple for Peace Day

May 17th- Pack Rat Day

May 18th- International Museum Day, No Dirty Dishes Day, Visit your Relatives Day

May 19th- Boys Club Day, National Bike to Work Day

May 20th- Be a Millionaire Day!

May 21- National Memo Day, National Waiters and Waitress Day

May 22nd- Buy a Musical Instrument Day

May 23rd- Lucky Penny Day

May 24th- National Escargot Day (poor snails)

May 25th- National Missing Children Day, National Wine Day

May 26th- Don’t fry Friday, Start of Ramadan

May 27th- International Jazz Day

May 28th- Amnesty International Day

May 29th- Memorial Day 

May 30th- Water a Flower Day 

May 31st- Save your Hearing Day, World No Tobacco Day 

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