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Just Another Day in Tumbleweed: Play Review

The cast put on a wonderful show. Image by Alan Rubin CC-BY

Yee Haw! Last Saturday was a “Super Saturday.” There were many different events; however, the main highlight was the play “Just Another Day In Tumbleweed”. Overall the play was amazing, it was funny, interesting, and entertaining. Here is how it went.

Duke Justice (Ihsan) and the Shorts Brothers, Jim (Manet) and Steen K Shorts (Aidan), are plain old bored. They live in Tumbleweed and nothing

ever happens in Tumbleweed. They hear from Annie O’ Klee (Kinsey) that a group of bandits is going to rob a bank in the neighboring town, so they go to watch, and Steen’s possum falls through the window they’re looking through and they get framed. They go to try and catch the robbers to redeem themselves as they rob a gold shipment, and chaos ensues. In the end, Annie catches the robbers as they flee the scene, and all is well. This is at times interrupted by dancing or jokes, or the two cactus narrators (Chloe and Josie).

The acting was great. Nobody missed a line or seemed unsure of what to do, and they got the personalities of the characters great! There were cool little joke elements and dance routines, which were cool and just added to the overall atmosphere of the play in general.

The jokes were all very funny and managed to get a laugh every time, and there were spots of dancing, which was very cool. The props and costumes were also very cool and fit the scene and story very well. Most of the theater was filled with people who I’m sure all enjoyed the performance.

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