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Kickstarting our School Year

After kicking back over the summer, you (and many others) have been whisked back to reality. But, unlike Dorothy’s return from Oz, you find yourself stranded in a sea of unfamiliar faces, equipped with unique and valuable skills. However, you don’t need to be Jimmy Neutron to fend off the hordes. You can just relax because we’ll help you out. Nice! Keep in mind that the following information is completely unbiased. Why? Well, that’s because we wrote the article of our own accord and not because Mr Currey would devour our souls if we didn’t. Now that the appetizers have been saved from being gobbled up by someone, it’s time to dig into the meat and potatoes of the article. We interviewed a living legend (if you count a chunk of 7th grade’s respect as legendary): Mathis.

What was different this year?

“We could choose where to eat and manage our lunch and recess.”

Did you like the changes?

“I liked the changes because it allows meeting up with friends and eating together, or if you finish eating early, you don't have to wait.”

What can we do to continue improving AES?

“Continue changing things and testing them to see what fits the students better.”

As global citizens, how can we use our AES values to strive for excellence outside the classroom?

“We can connect our values to nature and the environment around us to develop plans.”

Although we sent out emails with interview questions, we also encouraged unformatted writing pieces to be sent. Speaking of the devil, we received an email from Cameron A Bitang (G7). We quote her exact words here:

“Something different this year was our eating arrangement. I liked it because it gave more freedom and space for eating; you're eating on your own time instead of rushing. I don't have specific ideas but just continue to listen to recommendations and the students. I think these values help us interact with others, make good choices in life, and help us even when we're older.”

On that note concerning holding values steady fast, we take a moment to applaud our new and returning students for being responsible learners and contributors during times of distress and crisis. When COVID first spread worldwide, AES took measures to keep us safe and secure. But, we as students had the responsibility to uphold our credibility and continue to learn from outside the gates. To us students, COVID may have brought us down and hurt us, but we persisted. We got back on our feet, got back to school, and continued to thrive as a community. Indeed, we have entered to learn. And we will continue to grow, experiment, and shine.

If you’re in a rush, just take in this bite-sized list. The article will provide elaborations for most points in the article (Mr Currey has refrained from explaining some items, however. Take it with a pinch of salt).

Things that have changed

  • Lunch

  • Teachers

  • Students

  • COVID protocols

  • Travel (ASIAC/MESAC)

  • New Direct Message members (us!)

  • Blogs recorded 9000% more accurate data

  • Lack of new list items no longer a problem

  1. Lunch! You eat it; I eat it. Now, you can choose when and where to eat! Feeling old yet? Well, don’t! We got plenty more to age you.

  2. Teachers. New, shiny teachers! Straight out of the box, mint condition. They even got opposable thumbs!

  3. Students! We have over new students coming in from all over the world. Hint: If you wear a suit and slick back your hair, you can scare away the newbies (provided you have a cat and they’ve seen any mafia movie, an episode of Pokémon Indigo League, or are terrified of the kanji “ゴゴゴゴ”).

  4. COVID protocols!! Double exclamation points for this one. We’re able to be a bit less cautious. Just make sure to wear your mask and keep your distance.

  5. Travel. This year for the first time in a while, ASIAC and MESAC are going to travel! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be pretending I'm the announcer from Street Fighter II.

  6. New direct message members! We have just gotten nine new pieces of prey for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, who might just last the season if he isn’t hungry.


  8. We’ll put the last two together. Essentially, you can expect awesome articles like this. Isn’t that exciting? (don’t answer that, please.)

Phew! That was a mouthful. For the cherry on top of this ice cream Monday, we bring you a word from our team at the DM. From fixes and features being applied to the website and a new team versed in the skills needed to create the personalized and informative content, YOU want to read. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you the best of luck as the year progresses. Happy reading!

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