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Leaving Student: Sixth Grade

Ido Ittah

fun, challenging, interesting, joyful, and good. I will remember everything I experienced in aes the good and the bad I will remember my friends and all I learned and left here.


weird, fun, friendly, memorable, adventurous. As the kid that loved the military. Next year I will be in Sterling Virginia.


I came to AES in 2020 during covid and it has definitely been a journey. I will really miss this school and loved being here. I am going back to the USA and I hope I will get an opportunity to come back to Delhi. AES has been the best experience of my life and I'm very grateful that I got to be a tiger!


I first came to AES in 3rd grade, and I am now leaving, after 4 years. AES has been really fun/goofy experience and I enjoyed going here a lot. I wish people would remember me from being funny and really goofy. I will miss all my friends and the entire school. I am moving to Denmark and going to a danish school where i will probably spend the rest of my school years at. BC!!!!

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