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Lookin’ Awesome: ASIAC Girl’s Basketball

Tuesday, March 14th was the first official practice for the 2017 ASIAC Girl’s Basketball, where 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls can participate. 34 girls attended and more than half had played for under a year. Even more girls came on Thursday, and more on the following Tuesday! (Was it because of the personalized shirts everyone would receive?) At least a dozen girls hadn’t even touched a basketball before the first practice! All practices till now have received an equal amount of students from all grades with a variety of experience.

The girls worked on layups, jump shots, defending, dribbling and ball handling in just 2 hours and 15 minutes of the first practice. The girls have been rapidly improving ever since. Even a few 8th grade girls who played MESAC and aren’t permitted to make the ASIAC team have shown up, just to practice! Now that means something. ASIAC teams will be announced on the Thursday after Spring Break, as the coaches want every player to have an equal chance to prove herself to travel to the tournament in Mumbai (so start showing off, girls!).

The girls who have attended till now have put in their best effort, were tireless (well, didn’t show it) and learned a lot about the sport while having fun and getting fit. One thing’s for sure: with every new year the girls are stepping up their game, and this ASIAC we’re sure to have a very diverse team. Great job till now, ASIAC Girl’s Basketball!

Can you join now?

All girls are allowed to attend the practices, but if you miss a total of 3-4 practices you will not be eligible to make the team. The students and faculty look forward to seeing their own friends and students work hard to bring a title from Mumbai. Keep it up!

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