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Looking Back: ASIAC Basketball and Swimming

Photo by Cooper Hess CC-BY

Last weekend, from the 18th to the 20th, AES hosted the last ASIAC Tournament of the 2022-2023 school year. This season’s ASIAC sports were swimming and basketball. Our teams trained hard for months and played very well during the tournament and because of this our tiger teams finished in 2nd place and our AES teams finished in 3rd place.

Now let’s hear from some of our school's players:

Wakana - “yes I'm glad with me and how my teammates played. I think every team played the best but, I think my team which is AES played the best because we were supporting each other and had good sportsmanship.”

Guy - “I'm amazed at how well our team played we played using each of our strengths to perform the best we could in the ASIAC, I believe the ASB Eagles Team played the best they always found a way into the key and their athleticism and rebounding was very good”

Janik - “Yes I am as we were very close to winning the swim tournament, For us swimmers it was the Chennai team because they had a lot of older swimmers then AES giving them the edge over age.”

Overall, this was a great ASIAC season, and I hope that next year's seasons will be as good as this year's.

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