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Looking Back…Winter Holiday Stories

By Nicholas and Eduard

It’s been three weeks since winter break, so now is a perfect time for looking back to those good moments when you didn’t have to wake up at six for school. The Direct Message asked you, our loyal readers, for stories from the holidays. Here are a few of the best:


“I went to South India and visited my grandparents where I had to eat with my bare hands which was weird and different for me. My highlight was celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday. A tradition we do every year in my family is to visit old temples. This time I felt so bored that if I visit one more temple, I thought I was gonna die.”


“When I was in Denver with six cousins of mine, it got down to like negative twenty degrees and we decided to go out and play in the snow. So we started making snow forts and threw snow at each other. And when it was least expected, we were in the middle of a snowball fight, throwing snow at each other’s faces, hiding behind the forts, running around. I knew that it wouldn’t end well, and like I predicted, someone got hurt. One of my cousins threw a huge chunk of ice that was hidden in the snowball he had made at my other cousin’s face, everyone just froze. We all stopped for a second and then looked at him without knowing what to do, we just saw that bleeding jaw and after a second or two we ran to him to get home as fast as possible.”


“I visited a farm in Amritsar. I am really picky when it comes to food and I don’t usually eat vegetables. The farm offered us vegetables so this time there was no way out. I ate a carrot for the first time. I had eaten carrots before, but only when they were cooked and in soup. I imagined that it would taste bitter, but it was sweet. I don’t look forward to eating them again.”


“During winter break I mostly had a staycation which was pretty boring, but then I got excited because we were gonna go out and visit the Taj Mahal. I went with expectations of it being the best thing in the world, my mom told me it was incredible and it was one of the worlds seven wonders. I had my expectations so high up because of pictures too. But turns out that when I went there, it wasn’t all I thought. It was very pretty, but not what I expected. Guess I’ll just stay home next time.”

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