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Lunch Outside . . . basically a Picnic

Students eating lunch in the Rock Garden Image Credit: @middleschoolaes on Instagram / CC-BY

Recently, during FUR days, students occasionally get to sit outside and eat lunch. This is a major contrast from advisory lunches that are indoors and not interchangeable. Lunches outside however, are more flexible and are a nice change from how lunch is regularly served. Personally, I really love the idea of eating lunch outside from time to time, since it reminds me of how school was before Covid. You get to interact with larger groups, which is something that was constantly done in pre-Covid situations.

As always, with new changes come new opinions. Interestingly, most students are happy with the change! One

7th grader said, “I’m a new student this year, so I didn’t know many people before hybrid began. I used to only hang out with the same people every day and none of them were in my advisory, so I didn’t talk to anyone. When I first heard the news that we were allowed to eat lunch outside, I was so excited. For the first time in a while, I was talking so much more and I really enjoyed it!” Another student said, “I love the idea of being able to eat lunch outside since the good weather is at its peak right now.”

Honestly, lunch is way more fun when you’re able to pretend that you’re at a picnic; and, since students can mix with other groups, this is more of an unintentional community building activity. So, lunches outside are a yes!

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I hope we could stay closer physically as soon as possible without social distancing so we could interact with people more easily

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