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May the House Come to Order!

When people talk to me about MUN, they give all this boring expression. MUN is so boring, you have to do so much work, there is so much preparation. Yes! I agree there is a lot of commitment, but it is a lot of fun too. One such fun experience was the MUN trip to Malaysia.

On Wednesday, we met at the airport due to the popular request of the parents. There we had all the drama with who forgot what, the thing everyone was most excited about, mother’s showing a bit too much affection, and the traffic excuses (but I did get stuck in a lot of traffic!). We all took photos and left to catch our flight. With our final photo taken with all of us seated on-board.

By the time we reached Malaysia, we were all sleepy because it was 4 am Delhi time. We were soon energized by a cup of coffee and some “Kill? Kiss? Marry?” on the bus. We did batik painting, a soothing and creative activity, and visited the Petronas towers which were super cool.  And then we went to the Water Park!!! It was so much fun. Last year, we to the same water park, but we loved it so much we wanted to go again.

Ananya doing some Batik painting on our first day in Kuala Lumpur. Photo Credit: Mrs. Gulati

The water park has this super cool ride in which you just drop, and then you are going up and down this big circular tube. The water park was really good. We were there for 4 hours, but it was so worth it. Even the rain and thunderstorm couldn’t stop us from the rides. But the rain and water park combined with the weather change got me sick, along with other people on the trip. Still, it was our favorite day of the trip. We then went to the mall and bought- bubble tea, frozen yogurt, pens from Muji, avocado sushi, gifts, New York Pizza, and a bunch of stuff I don’t remember. It was by far the most exhausting day too.

The next day, we woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and left for the conference. We had the opening ceremony and then began debate. We debated topics we had been working and researching for since months. It was pretty cool, and we got to make a lot of impromptu speeches. We debated four different topics in each committee, and we had 13 committees. That means we had 52 different topics to choose from. We debated for three days and had about five resolutions (a document with all our solutions) per committee. All delegates had to have a thorough understanding of all four topics in order to participate in the conference. We were all very strong delegates (I don’t mean physically strong). Our skill level couldn’t be matched by many other students, and all of us were able to participate a lot.

All 19 of us had so much fun on this trip. For some delegates, it was a totally new experience. The trip totally made up for the tremendous amount of preparation work that went in.

“I mark MYMUN 2017 officially closed” -Secretariat General, Malaysian Model United Nations
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