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Meet the New Teachers!

Mr. Medina

Mr. Medina has been teaching for 17 years, before AES he taught at the American School in Singapore. Some of his hobbies include golf, soccer, and basketball. His favorite soccer team is Manchester City.

Mrs. Ballon

There are a lot of new teachers this year like Mrs Ballon the English teacher. For “20 years” Mrs Ballon has been teaching “All subjects, humanities, and English”. Besides teaching Mrs Ballon loves to “Read, travel, and listen to podcasts" Mrs Ballon likes that AES is “Diverse, understanding and compassionate, and the food".

Ms. Stuti

Ms. Stuti is a teaching assistant in the middle school. She's been teaching for 24 years, 7 of which have been at AES. She's also taught at the British School and another local school. Some of Ms. Stuti's hobbies are reading, making friends, and gardening.

Ms. Norman

Ms. Norman is another new teacher at AES. She's taught for 9 years and AES is her fourth school to be teaching. Her hobbies include yoga, cooking, and reading. She's looking forward to the pool, the books, and teaching the students at AES.

Coach Moore

Coach Moore is the new PE teacher for 7th graders. He's taught all grades from preschoolers to seniors. He likes to hang out with his son. Although he likes all sports, his favorite is baseball. He likes Mexican food and is looking forward to getting to know his students more this year.

Ms. Todd

Ms. Todd has been teaching for 24 years and has taught Grade 5, grade 8 humanities, first grade, second grade, high school Spanish, and kindergarten literacy. She has taught in Colorado, Tennessee, Columbia, and the United Arab Emirates. Ms. Todd has a lot of hobbies like camping, biking, photography, and going to festivals and celebrations. She also is a sports fan who does pilates, CrossFit, hiking and likes watching World Cup soccer. She thinks the AES campus is beautiful, that her colleagues are kind and caring, and she likes that her students are from all around the world.

Ms. Sievert

Ms. Sievert is another new teacher in the middle school. She's been teaching for seven years. She became a teacher because most of her family were teachers so it "runs in the family" as she said. She's looking forward to connecting and having fun with her students!

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