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Minecraft dungeons mission guide.

Recently, I beat Minecraft Dungeons, a fun and engaging dungeon game. It was hard, but I have all the missions on the mainland (yes, I have “???” A super hard and secret level)! Here is how I did it.


Go to the jump pads near the training dummy and use them to get to the other side. Go straight, then left through the trees to get to the church. Pull the lever to lower the drawbridge. Go inside to the end and press the button. Pressing this button inserts the first of 10 runes and lets you get the others.

Creeper Woods: When you reach the village, go to the left, and you will see a stone structure. A button nearby lets you access the rune.

Soggy Swamp: At the end of the level, go to the pillar on the right. There is a pressure plate that opens up the door to the rune.

Pumpkin Pastures: When you see one of the T-junctions, go to the right, to the castle wall. A lever is there. Pull it to open up the door.

Cacti Canyon: Go to the left of the ambush. Before getting the diamond key, there is a pressure plate; Step on it to open the wall. (The wall opens behind the key.)

Redstone Mines: In the second area, you find villagers mining. Look near the walls, and a lever is located there. Flick the lever to open up the wall.

Fiery Forge: When you enter the forge, look for a lever on the wall and flick it to open the door.

Desert Temple: Where the gold key resides, look for another lever pull to open the wall.

Highblock Halls: Go to the right of the marketplace, and guess what, another lever! Pull to open up! (does Archie know?)

Obsidian Pinnacle: Run along the side of all bookshelves till you find the book you can pull. Pull to open up a secret passage. Go through to see a diamond chest (only the first time), a gold chest, and the rune. (What are you doing with that rune, Archie?)

Go to the church at camp and insert the runes, and you get two diamond chests and the map for ???. (No, Seriously, there is a super hard and secret level, and it is called ???).

Moo? Moo!

Secret missions

Creepy Crypt mission: In Creeper Woods, after freeing the first villager you encounter, if you journey off the path marked for you, you can find a switch. Pressing it opens up the entrance to the Creepy Crypts. This will unlock its mission and will let you venture into its interior!

Soggy cave mission: in Soggy Swamp, before you fight the Corrupted Cauldron, you can find another entrance to a dungeon. Defeat the mobs inside and after gaining access to a bridge, walk across and you will find the map leading to this secret level! Have fun with the puzzles in soggy cave! (P.S. Don’t press random buttons in the puzzles:)

Arch Haven mission: The map to this mission is found inside a ship which can be found in the Pumpkin Pastures mission. The said ship is randomly generated, so you might not find it on your first playthrough and might take you a few tries before it appears. Be sure to check every area of the map just in case it does.

The map for the Lower Temple is unlocked within the Desert Temple. You can find the room containing the map after unlocking a gate with the golden key. Once inside the room, light up the 3 beacons located at the corners to reveal a bridge that leads to the map.

Underhalls mission: In Highblock halls, you can find two shields on each side of a suspicious wall near the beginning of the mission. One of the shields is actually a switch that will reveal an entrance to a secret room containing a map to this secret level!

Photos by Carter

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