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Minute By Minute Review of the 2017 Talent Show


Mr. Currey: Students are filing in. 8th grade is unruly as usual. You wouldn’t know that they are actually four years away from contracting the dreaded disease, Senioritis, by looking at them now.

Hershey: And here come the hosts, Yuval and Akshay.

Mackenzie: People are cheering like crazy and the stage is in blood red light, Spooky.

Hershey: Yuval and Akshay must have had to practice their lines a lot.

Mr. Currey: Akshay might have hurt himself in the name of showmanship. A cartwheel gone wrong.

Hershey: There is a blackout and Zoe has taken her position. It is impressive how Zoe is doing Bollywood dance without having lived in India for very long.                                                  

Neha: Wow she is so talented! I can’t even do a turn without falling.

Hershey: Everyone is clapping on beat (and that only happens when people like the performance.)

Mackenzie: Woah look at her go…

Hershey: and the hosts are back on stage.

Mackenzie: Now it’s Ellen and Charlie performing a duet.

Neha: That animal farm comment….This is hilarious!

Hershey: The PTC part is so true.

Neha: That POP part too!

Hershey: their costumes are matching. And look at those moves!

Mackenzie: the mix of songs is impressive also the relatable POP lyrics.

Hershey: Good job Vikings!

Mackenzie: Minsuh and GaYoung are here with the Jazz Cannon.

Hershey: so talented. I once tried the piano, but uh….never reached the level these girls play at.

Mackenzie: sounds like a theme from a video game.

Hershey: Great coordination. Playing at the same piano together.

Neha: they are so synchronized. This must have taken so long, and imagine all the rehearsing.

Mackenzie: Bernie is up playing: Say Something on the piano

Hershey: This is like a lullaby. It is so soothing, I feel I can just close my eyes and sway.

Mackenzie: People are really getting into it.

Neha: That crescendo though! So powerful, And so subtle.

Hershey: The spotlight has hit the right place.

Hershey: and here comes JinYoung playing the violin. You know, it is said that violin is one of the most complicated string instrument to play. It requires so much fine tuning.

Neha: It is so mesmerizing.

Hershey: She moves her arm slightly, and such pretty music comes out.

Mackenzie: It’s such a moving performance.

Neha: Whoops the music skipped a beat, but she handled it well.

Hershey: JinYoung truly deserves that second round of applause. 

Hershey: I never knew Aadit could sing. But listen to him….sounds like he’s been singing for years.

Mr. Currey: Standing up on stage alone in front of an audience and singing is one of the hardest things to do. I am always impressed when a middle school students takes the risk that Aadit is taking here. He sings with wonderful tone hitting the higher notes purely.

Hershey: Aadit, you may have been nervous in the beginning, but know that you performed really well. Standing ovation by so many.

Mackenzie: Time for some sharp piano skills.

Hershey: So many people are skilled piano artists. But Satyaj is the first to play the piano standing.

Mackenzie: o wait that is sharp, the accents when he hits the keys are apparent but make sense.

Neha: People are singing along!

Hershey: Yeah, my neighbors (Grace and Lola) just kept singing the whole time. 

Mackenzie: Hosts don’t give up your day jobs. *finger guns* (I’m joking)

Mackenzie: Youjung and Suhani, make this your day jobs. It sounds so pretty!

Hershey: Korean music. I heard my first Korean song on the MYMUN song, but this is so different. Korean music is so diverse.

Neha: This is so pleasant to hear. Wow I never knew these two could sing so well

Hershey: Suhani, it is impressive how you are singing Korean without being a Korean person. Not many people hold that talent at this school.

Neha: and she can pronounce the words so well.

Hershey: Backstage problems are always there. Sometimes wrong music ques too, but their performance was still just as good. Just a side note- but nice outfits Suhani and YouJung. 

Mackenzie: being able to sing different genres is impressive! They got right back into the groove too after the music mishap.

Mr. Currey: I am blown away by this performance. I can’t believe they are 7th graders. Suhani is bringing the sass!

Hershey: Okay. I know that Bharat plays the piano, but each year he just keeps improving so much.

Neha: I play piano and even I can’t play that well!

Hershey: That’s why you are not up there Neha. Just kidding.

Mr. Currey: Bharat is one of the top pianists in India for his age and that is abundantly clear listening to the way he plays today.

Hershey: Man. SuHan and Seung Moo are so talented. The notes are so complicated and long, that we need Bharat to hold up the paper.

Neha: The way they can keep their parts without getting lost! Amazing.

Hershey: Look how fast SuHan moves his hands on the violin.

Hershey: and the parkour guys are here. Drums, guitar, and gymnastics. Did you see that flip? Even though there are teachers to help them, I don’t think they really need it.

Mackenzie: The rocking music is making the theatre vibrate.

Hershey: the music just adds such a good feel to the performance.

Hershey: creepy music plays, and our ballerina boys are here. Akshay, I hope you didn’t injure yourself because you slipped way too many times.

Hershey: Sassy girls on fire. Youna, MJ, EunYoung, and SooYoun.

Mackenzie: That was the best thing ever, so much confidence and the choreography is great.

Hershey: Moves you got there girls. i couldn’t take my eyes off your dance. The cheers just kept going. Standing ovation from all.

Hershey: Amazing Talent Show 2017!!


To check out all the photos, visit this photo album.

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