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Minute By Minute Review of the 2018 Talent Show

11:15 Start

Act 1:

Nicholas: Seungyoon and Advay are starting the talent show strong!

Eduard: Very enthusiastic. I like how seungyoon said that nba was baseball and fortnite is Nintendo.

Nicholas: Now we have JaeHun playing despacito! That takes a lot of courage.

JeongHun: Fast beats, nice rhythm.

Dan: No mistake in his act. Good job!

Mr. Currey: Why is EVERYONE not dancing right now?!

Nikita: The whole audience is silent as they listen to the wonderful piece.

Mr. Currey: This is a church audience if I’ve ever seen one.

Nikita: LOL

Mr. Currey: Des – pa – cito. SeungYoon doing his best to get the audience in to this show.

Nikita: Crowd goes wild.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Nicholas: Now we have Aris for gymnastics!

Nicholas: She is INCREDIBLY flexible, how has she not broken a bone yet!?

Dan: I have no words. Amazing!!

Eduard: That split was shocking. And what a finale!

JeongHun: Her movements are amazing, nicely matching with song.

Mr. Currey: Everyone in this audience is sore just from watching. Meanwhile, Aris keeps bending and jumping like it’s no big deal. Boss.

Nikita: What memorisation!

Mr. Currey: That last move. How does a body do that? We have an answer: Advay’s body does not move like that. He sure injured himself trying to replicate Aris’ performance.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Nicholas: What an incredible voice!

Mr. Currey: Ayla Dhar singing = Goosebumps.

Satvik: Wow, I never knew that Ayla could sing!

JeongHun: My voice cracks when I try that.

Eduard: I can’t believe she wrote this song herself!

Nikita: What?! Really?!

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Satvik: The energy in this dancing is unreal!

Mr. Currey: Sophie and Kai take the stage to dance to a Drake song. This might be a good time to say that I think Drake is overrated. Sophie and Kai however…underrated.

Camila: Everyone is sitting mouth opened at their performance.

Eduard: So much energy is these guys!

JeongHun: What strong movement!

Mr. Currey: I am seriously impressed with how synchronized they are. This makes me feel bad about myself as a dancer.

Nicholas: Someone please tell Advay to stop dancing.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Nicholas: WOW! Katie is singing beautifully, I’m holding back my tears.

Mr. Currey: This reminds me of 8th grade. As in, my 8th grade year. I definitely saw this movie in theatres with my friend Rachel. Good times.

Eduard: She is hitting the perfect notes. So much confidence.

Nikita: Is she in choir?

JeongHun: She must be a singer in future.

Act 2:

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mehak: Woah! So vintage it sounds amazing.

Mr. Currey: I love classical guitar and this ensemble did the art form justice.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mehak: There moves are incredible. Hitting those beats.

Yubin: Oh my god! I love this song!

Yubin: They are so synchronized!

Menaha: Wow. Wow. Wow. I really can’t say anything else.

Mehak: I have no words for this performance. I’m speechless.

Mr. Currey: Confession: I love K-Pop.


Mr. Currey: Now the crowd gets into it. Great job by Yumin and HaYoung of getting the crowd clapping and pumped up.

Camila: I love the combination of Kpop and contemporary.

Mehak: What is she going to do?

Camila: She is getting the crowd engaged.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mr. Currey: MAGIC! I am so excited! I really wanted to be a volunteer.

Yubin: Oh my god! How did she manage to guess that?

Camila: Whoahh!! That’s real magic!

Menaha: Safety is number one priority.

Mr. Currey: I think is is so brave to get in front of the entire middle school and do magic. That is the most magical part of this performance.

Mehak: RIP bob.

Camila: I guess bob isn’t dead after all!

Yubin: Bob is alive!

Menaha: I think we should stop fantasizing over Bob now.

Mehak: This was insane!

Nikita: That last one really stumped me, the one with the glass and the hat. How did she do that?

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey


Yubin: I remember her from last years‘ stalest show as well! She is amazing!!

Mr. Currey: Moana – YouJung is doing a great job with this song. You know who also loves this song and did a great job of singing it? Rahul B.

Camila: Who doesn’t like Moana?


Camila: Wow!! She is doing a great job reaching all the high notes.

Yubin: How can she sing those high notes so perfectly??


Menaha: No one knows how far your talent goes either, Yujeong.

Mehak: Am I the only one singing along?


Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mehak: It’s Bernie FINALLY! He’s soooo talented.

Mr. Currey: I am feeling the Bern.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mehak: Dana is killing it.

Camila: What a great idea! Sooo many K-pop songs in one act.

Yubin: She is dancing to all my favorite songs!

Mr. Currey: Holy smokes, hidden talent from Dana. Her moves are really precise.

Menaha: I’m not entirely sure where my goosebumps are from. The cold, or Dana.

Act: 3

Mr. Currey: New announcers – Carrie and Eva. They can’t decide on stand up or singing. I am hoping for both!

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Dan : Let’s go JFKFC!!!

Nikita: LETS ROCK!!!

Nikita: So different from the others.

Dan: These guys have a bright future.

Dan: I’m definitely coming to their future concerts.

Am: This is my favourite middle school band and they’re playing my favourite song! Everybody is clapping! Oh my this is fun! Way to go Eshan and Rahul!

Nikita: That must be exhausting on the drums.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey


Dan: What an amazing voice!! And an incredible atmosphere right here in the theater!!

Am: People are dancing to it! That’s how good it is!

Mr. Currey: Heads bobbing throughout the audience and lots of singing along down in the 8th-grade section.

Am: What a performance by one of our future class counsel!

Nikita: It sounds just like a recording! So amazing!

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey


Mr. Currey: SICK  BURN from Carrie. She just told Eva she looked like a 6-year-old. All in the name of comedy. The audience liked it.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Dan: That’s pure talent. Nobody can move their fingers as fast as she can!

Am: Its so fast i can’t even keep up with the fingers!

Nikita: I still don’t understand how these pianists move their hands so fast.


Dan: Those swords don’t look so safe.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey



Nikita: Their ready to kick some butt.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Am: Everybody cheers for Maya! Way to go!

Satvik: Incredible singing!

Am: Wheres Valerie? Valerieeeeee!! Why don’t you come over Valerie!?!

Nikita: I have to admit, this singing seems superhuman.

Dan: Maya looks like she is really passionate about the song. That’s what makes it one of the best performances of this show.

Mr. Currey: I really like the raw quality of her voice. Amy Winehouse-esque.

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Dan: Kpop? I didn’t expect that.

Am: Everybody on stage is so synchronized!

Dan: I can see everyone smiling. It has to be spectacular!

Satvik: Didn’t expect this to be KPOP, a pleasant surprise!

Nikita: Everyone loves Kpop.

Mr. Currey: Gigi and Suhani are mic’d up and singing!

Nikita: The biggest group yet, but so synchronized!

Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Mr. Currey: Sahiba now introducing Aanchal school. Super cool to have our friends from Aanchal as a part of the talent show this year!

Nikita: You can see they have worked so hard!

Camila: How nice of them to come even though they are in summer break!!

Nikita: The whole audience clapping.

Camila: They are all so talented!!

Nikita: The unexpected visitors cause a sensation!!!

Camila: What a great way to end the talent show!!

Mr. Currey: Mrs. Rogers deserves a lot of credit for putting on a wonderful show and helping it to run so smoothly.

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