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MS Art Exhibition

Thursday, May 10: Art Show @ 3:30 in the Theatre building.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the Art Show in the theater you better take a couple of minutes and go check it out! This semester our students have done a lot good work and now it’s time for it to be appreciated. Art pieces created by students who have taken Ceramics, Art&Design, Photography or Mixed Media are now hanging on the walls of the auditorium. The Art Exhibition has a variety of pieces of art from ceramic pots to incredible photos taken by the students of our school which put their best in everything they’ve done from the beginning of this semester until this point.

Art cubes hanging from the ceiling made by MS students Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

One of many interesting potter pieces on display. Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

If you think going to see the Art Show is boring you better go and take a look and you will have (indeed) a nice, relaxing time all the exhibits present in the auditorium until Thursday, 10th May.

Remember: Thursday, May 10 is the art show. There will be snacks and beverages in a closing party at 3:30 PM. Don’t miss it!

Mixed Media drawings on the walls of the auditorium Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

Just a small portion of the incredible art on display in the theatre building. Photo Credit: Isaac Currey

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