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Need Some Help with Your Homework? The Learning Hub is the Answer!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

A student I know told me about a time when they had math homework and felt like they were not very good at math. They wanted to ask some questions about the homework, but they were nervous about asking questions; they wondered if any classmates would tease them. Would the other kids think that they were stupid or something? They had a hard time finishing their homework. But what if that student had a place where they could ask the questions they needed to?

That place is the Learning Hub.

Learning hub happens on Monday and Thursday from 3:35 P.M till 5 P.M and it’s a place to help students with their homework, answer questions, and get feedback. Although there are not teachers for each subject, Mr. Creighton, one of the Learning Hub teachers said, “We can help with any subjects except for second languages like Spanish, Mandarin, and French.“ You can find the Learning hub in Mr. Creighton’s room (M206). You don’t have to sign up to join the Learning Hub, you can go there whenever you want after school.

Mr. Creighton explained, “I help students with whatever they need. It depends on students, some students want to work with their friends and some people want some support in math, science, etc. Last year there were many students coming here, but these days only a few students are coming.”

“The name Learning Hub was started last year. Before, it was called Period 9, and Homework Club. A lot of students could use a place to finish their homework before going home and a place that is quiet. Some students were coming every day to finish their homework in previous years. I welcome any students. It’s nice to be here with friends and work together.”

A learning hub is a good place for students to get some extra support and finish their homework (not just school homework). If you want to get some help, come to the Learning hub!

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