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Netflix VS The Winter Olympics

Is Netflix more important to you than actual sports that are happening in the world? “OMG, did you watch Riverdale? They finally told us who the black hood is!” That is what everyone is talking about, unlike the olden days when The Olympics were the big conversation topic.

But do you know that the Winter Olympics are finally here? For the people that live under a rock and binge-watch Netflix shows because they have nothing better to do in their life, like “hello”, the Winter Olympics are happening this year and they already started in Pyeong Chang, South Korea. There are a variety of sports, all of them different from the sports found in the Summer Olympics. The Olympics only happen once every four years, and some of the sports are even better than the shows on Netflix. (Surprising, right?)

Here are a few of the best sports that any middle schooler will love:

Alpine skiing: Basically skiing on a very steep mountain or as some people might call them ‘death traps’.

Biathlon: An event in which cross-country skiing and rifle shooting are combined. Because they do make a good combination, don’t they?

Bobsled: An event in which 2 or 4 people ride a sleigh going down a steep tube cut into a mountain (obviously covered in ice), *Feel free to try at home, it is safe and non-nerve-racking. **Editor’s note: Do not try at home. It is not safe for the inexperienced bobsledder.

If you want to read more about the Olympics make sure to tune in on

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