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Old To New: The When And Why Of Recycling

You walk by with that empty cup from the Tiger Kiosk in your hand…you subconsciously throw it into the first trash bin you see. But do you ever think about what can happen if you just chose the bin sitting almost right next to it?

No good will come out of that cup sitting in the trash. It will sit there. And sit. And sit a little more. And? Nothing. Except eventually getting carted away by a big, smelly, truck to sit in a dumpster or melted in a giant furnace, leaving only fumes behind.

Or this: your cup is taken by another truck, but this truck goes to a recycling plant where it is sorted by material, and remade-into a new paper cup.

So how do you change to option two?

You say, “I know how. Just throw it into the recycling bin.”

Yes, you are correct.


You put the cup into the recycling bin. They look different. If you look in (I doubt you will), the stuff inside is different.

Recycle whenever you can! Find the locations of every recycling bin in the school and try to recycle as much as possible!

It is not always that easy. Recycling is gaining popularity, but it is take some conscious effort. Here are a few options to help:

  1. DON’T throw it in the trash. Keep it until you find a place you can recycle.

  2. If you live in a big compound, organize a drive, where everything you collect will be recycled.

  3. Find out about an organization that works with promoting recycling nearby.

  4. Use constant materials stuff that doesn’t have to be trashed, like a metal water bottle instead of plastic.

  5. Over time, recycling will grow and squeeze out the trash. The word ‘trash’ will only exist as slang. No more dumpsters, no more furnaces. A clean, beautiful environment, where everything is needed and wanted, nothing goes to waste. It would be a utopia.

The final question: Do YOU recycle? Will you now?

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