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One piece Last saga{spoiler Alert}

Wait what is this??????????

To all one piece fans:

The wait has been long but one piece final saga is finally coming out resuming At Luffy's alliance {Eustass Kid, Trafalgar D.water Law and straw hat Luffy} fight in Onigashima that led to the downfall of two of the four emperors the strongest pirates in this era. The beast of the four emperors Kaido and the crazy empress of the sea Big mom. Making their bounties rise sky-high to 3 Billion berries a piece.

After the events in Onigashima, the world government raised these members of the worst generation’s bounty up to 3 Billion

and made Monkey D. Luffy part of the 4 emperors due to his possession of territories his fleet, and massive bounty, alongside. Buggy the clown, Red-haired Shanks, Blackbeard and straw hat Luffy

The last saga starts off

As Luffy’s alliance splits up after the battle in Onigashima each one continues his own path. Meanwhile, Eustass Captain Kid is still after Red-haired Shanks.

Character development:

The following characters are people that will play a crucial role in the last saga


Shanks is very important to the story of One piece as he was the person who inspired Luffy to set out on his journey to becoming the pirate king. since his last meeting with Luffy, a lot of things have changed. As Luffy evolved from the crybaby with big dreams to being comfortably one of the strongest characters in the series. Shanks's powers and goals are still a mystery, so there is no doubt he will play a crucial role in the final saga

2:the Gorosei

The five elders or the Gorosei are considered to be the sovereigns of the world government.

They are extremely knowledgeable of the past, which includes the mystery of D., and the void century. It is obvious that both of these things pose a threat to their authority, so the five elders ensure that the rest of the world does not find out. There is no doubt that the World government will get involved at some point, and after failing to get the Hito Hito no mi Model: Nika, they will have to take immediate action.

3:monkey D dragon

Monkey d. Dragon is the leader of the revolutionary army. He's the most wanted criminal in the series, and it's about time he makes a move. Dragon’s ultimate goal is to free the world from the shackles of the world government. Most importantly apart from that, the fans know nothing about Dragon, but that will surely change. It has been heavily implied that the Revolutionary army members in Mary Geoise [HQ of the world nobles] were involved in some mishap that might force Dragon into making a move

4:Akainu and the marines

In his position of fleet admiral due to his victory over Aokiji.He immediately made some changes the biggest one being the decision of moving the marine headquarters closer to the red line[line of earth that passes through the grand line.

Once the news of Luffy's exploits reaches the marines it is clear that they will have to take action. Also, Luffy holds a grudge against him for the killing of his brother Ace. The two will undoubtedly clash in the final saga.


Blackbeard became a Yonko after defeating the remnant of the whitebeard pirates. He rose rapidly in the ranks and he is currently among the strongest pirates in the world. Blackbeard is the only character to have 2 Devil fruits, which makes him a very dangerous opponent.

Blackbeard has been very secretive about his ambitions ever since the time skip, he hasn't been heavily involved in the series but he will surely be back in action.

6:Monkey D. Luffy

Our main protagonist has never been closer to accomplishing his dreams of becoming King of the pirates, after being responsible for taking down a Yonko he becomes one and free’s the land of Wano from the Beast Kaido. Along with his dream, there are some other things Luffy has to take care of. He needs to topple the wicked world government take down the remaining Yonko and finally reveal the secret of the Void century to the world


The mermaid princess reveals to be an ancient weapon under the name Poseidon her power allows her to control the sea king's weapons of mass destruction capable of destroying entire islands It was revealed that Joy Boy and Poseidon made a promise that due to several reasons could not be fulfilled and there is no doubt that the two of them will try to complete the promise that they made centuries ago.


Im the actual leader of the World government. As seen in the reverie arc, the five elders respect every wish he makes and they wait for his orders so they can carry them out.

Im has a lot of secrets it is unknown how he came to power and how he got his hands on the giant straw hat. There is no doubt that oda will reveal all the mysteries associated with him in the final saga.

Outside world development

The land of Wano doesn't have any communications with the outside world as it is not affiliated with the world government so Luffy Eustass kid has not out of touch with what is happening in the rest of the new world.

Chapter 956

As the world nobles met together in the holy land of mary geoies king Nefertari and King Ruki talked about the disbandment of the warlord system because the power granted these pirates led to the devastation of their kingdoms.

So the marines as soon as the decision was made set sail to capture the former warlords But only managed to corner 4 of the seven shishibukai

Buggy the genius jester, the pirate empress Boa Hancock, Hawk eye Hihawk and the son of Whitebeard Edward Weevil.

Luffy will do anything to protect his friends so after Wano he possibly will rush off to rescue the pirate empress at Amazon Lily.

The Cross Guild.

Finally, as the new emperors were announced Buggy is part of them the big question is how did he do it so here is a little explanation.

This guild works the same as a fleet of an emperor with his commanders. Buggy formed it after being saved by Sir crocodile and the strongest swordsman in the world dubbed ‘’Hawkeye Mihawk’’ who came to reclaim his debts after he borrowed money from the pair.

Unfortunately one of Buggy’s underlings mistook Hawkeye and Sir Crocodile as new recruits he declared to the world that Buggy the clown had created an association with both as new members, fortunately for him, they decided to use Buggy’s name so that they could do their actions with Freedom.

The Guild's first move was to increase the range of the name he needed to become an emperor. So he did what no pirate has ever done before starting to put bounties on the heads of Marines. Making the government decide to raise his bounty to 3Billion178million.

And place him as one of the four emperors.

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